Activity booking software

  • Book and pay activities online
  • Fully automate bookings
  • Embeds in any website
  • Works on any device
  • Made for sports operations

A simple way to manage bookings, payments, availability, and much more.

Online activity booking software made for sport operations.

Fully automate bookings

VIKING is not only an online agenda. We fully automate your incoming bookings based on (instructor) availability. Save time & money immediately. Be more scalable and professional.

Payment solution

With VIKING reservation software, your customer can book and pay for courses from their device. This is a fully automated process. In the VIKING dashboard you can control and manage online payments as it suits you.

Grow your business

VIKING makes it is easier to sell larger packages to your customers.  With your schedule, registration, marketing, and administration fully automated, you can start expanding your business immediately.

Keep track of resources

Know your number of booked and available instructors. Set the location and sport(s) each instructor can teach and let the booking software place customers directly, based on avaliability.

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Features that matter to your business

  • Online booking

Let your customer book and pay their sport activities online

  • Mobile booking

Mobile friendly booking solution for your customers on your website

  • Phone sales

Manage phone sales directly into the booking software

  • Sales on location

Option to book your customer real time in store

Why should you choose VIKING activity booking software?

All we do at VIKING is help sports operations be more professional. Unique features of VIKING:

  • Sell lesson packages instead of 1 lesson
  • Keep track of the level of your students
  • Set instructor priority
  • Multiple sport options
  • Multiple location options

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How does VIKING activity booking software work?

Within the system there are different user roles that can be logged in at the same time:


Instructor – can put their availability in the system. Automatic reminders are sent by mail if availability is not set.

Instructor – can put their availability in the system. Automatic reminders are sent by mail if availability is not set.

Student – can book and pay online from your website. The student plans their data directly on instructor availability.

Head instructor – can cancel and reschedule lessons based on their choice, students will be automatically notified.

Planner – can directly add new students in the online calendar.  They can reschedule, remove and assign instructors to students.

I’ve been working with VikingBookings for two seasons now and I am very satisfied and grateful that this system was implemented in our kitesurf school.
Before this system we used Google Agenda and had to call all customers individually. Now, just one click of a button will confirm the lessons. More time and less stress!
Chris Verstralen, Versus Kiteboarding
Booking software email reminders

Easily send email and SMS notifications

Booking reminders, lesson upsell emails, confirmations and much more.

Sync bookings to your calendar

VIKING activity booking software for sports operations syncs with Google, Icloud and Outlook agenda.

Activity booking software sports
Manage your recourses

Manage your recourses

Manage your instructor availability, your product availability and much more.

Online payment Getaways

Let your customers Pay with Creditcard, PayPal, bank transfer and much more.

Payment module
I have been using Viking Bookings for a couple of months now. As an incredibly busy school planning and coordination was a time consuming and fragmented proces. This system automates the entire proces from marketing and bookings to payment, planning, communication and aftercare.
We as a school have seen a big decrease in time spent of planning, leading to a significant cost reduction. Also our customer service has improved because communication is a much more structured and automated proces.
I can surely recommend Viking Bookings to other sports related companies who want to automate their processes too.
Rodney Jobse,

Imagine a world where your watersport business runs itself. Where a day with sudden weather changes no longer gives you a small heart attack. Where it’s no longer you and your phone against the world making dozens of phone calls to students and instructors to (re)schedule just one lesson. At VIKING we know how important sunny days are for your business and that’s why we’ll help you through the rainy ones.

VIKING Bookings is one of a kind weather-based management software. It’s the thing that is going to help you get all of your students and instructors in the right spot. On time. Everytime. And it couldn’t be easier to setup and manage: you add classes, students securely book them online and when something changes a simple press of the button sends updates to everyone involved. They know what’s up and you can cool down.

A study among our users – ranging from solo entrepreneurs to the biggest guys in the business – shows that since using VIKING Bookings they see a dramatic decrease in manual errors and amazing increase in student and instructor satisfaction. And all you need is a device connected to the internet so you can manage your business from home, on the go or even on your board would you want to.

But VIKING isn’t just about booking and scheduling. We’ll also help you grow your business through some nifty features incorporated right into the system. Think about 24/7 booking, easily selling bigger lesson packages, automated upsell emails or connecting your online marketing to the signup process so new students directly see what you’re up to.

Why do we know that VIKING works? Because we’ve been there. A couple of years back we got our feet wet just like you. We were working hard and business was booming. Then we found the limits of what is humanly possible in trying to run our company and went from our feet wet to working up a sweat. And that’s not how we wanted it to be.

So we decided something had to change. We found the guys from Beer ‘n Tea, who are absolutely amazing at the things we know nothing about, and together we built VIKING Bookings. A piece of software we’d want to use. And use it we did.

TOGETHER we did an amazing job that it instantly became a lifesaver for us and nowadays it’s our main business to spread the word. Because we truly believe this piece of software will make your life easier, your lessons better and your company bigger. And we want to help you every step of the way!

Excited? So are we! VIKING Bookings is going to change the way you work so don’t hesitate and ask for a personal demo right now!

“This season we start working with Viking Bookings at our kiteschool EuroFunAcademy and surfschool EuroFunCenter! Before we start we had some doubts if it all works the way we want. In the first 2 weeks it’s a bit of figuring out all the possibilities. But after a while we get used to it, and after a few months we can say just one thing; why didn’t we had this a few years earlier?
No more hours of calling if there is no wind, just a few mouseclicks! Customers can make there own bookings on the website and plan their own courses! Actually…the only thing you still have to do by yourself is teach! :-)”
Vincent Alblas,

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