Student planning / automated booking engine

Book online

Let your customer book, pay and schedule their lesson/package directly on your website.

Book on your mobile

VIKING is perfectly designed for mobile devices. You can let your customer book, pay and schedule through their mobile phone.

Automated scheduling

Because you can set the location(s), sport(s), and availability per instructor, the system will automatically match the student to the appropriate instructor.

Book and schedule

Let your students schedule their own lessons. The system will recognize what sport and type of lesson the student has booked and match them based on availability.

Book lesson packages

VIKING is made for sports operations who sell lesson packages. Let your student book and schedule multiple lessons at once. This feature will increase the revenue of your operation instantly.

Pay directly online

Let your student pay directly online through Paypal or on credit card. The system supports cash payments as well.

Booking groups

Let groups of students book together. The system knows they belong together. 1 Customer (the head booker) does the planning, the other ones get automated notifications.

Set groupdiscounts

It is optional to set group discounts in the system.

Set lesson package discounts

It is optional to set lesson package discounts into the system. The more lessons a guest books, the more discount he receives.


These screenshots were made logged in as a student.

Sell lesson packages

Schedule chosen lesson package

Pay online

Here is an example of a booking form

This booking form is working. You can make a test booking. Make sure to us a valid mailadres – you will get an automated email from the system.