Automated instructor planning

Personal login

It is optional to give every instructor their own login. Here they can add their availability, see their individual scheduled and read the manual.

Set instructor quotum

If your instructors get their own login, you can set a minimum quota each instructor must be available for bookings. The system will automatically notify your instructor if they did not specify enough availability. The instructor can add availability, but not take it away.

Set instructor priority

You can set priority per instructor. The system will pick high priority instructors first. You can use this as a tool to motivate instructors to make themselves more available.

Set sport(s) per instructor

You can add the sport(s) each individual instructor can teach.

Set location per instructor

You can add the location(s) each individual instructor can teach.

Write student comments

Instructors can login into their account and add comments about the students they taught, creating a course history. This information is then available to all instructors the student may be scheduled with.