System settings

Logo and colors

Add your own logo and colors to the system. Students will not notice that they are on a different site to schedule their lessons.

Terms & conditions

Add your own terms & conditions which students have to agree on when booking.

Add your products

Add your products per sport. You can add multiple sports, multiple lesson packages and multiple types of lessons.

Add your time slots

Add the time slots each sport is taught.

Customize booking form

Customize the booking form to your liking. For example add weight, age, phone number, lastname, terms & conditions, and much more.

Add locations

You can easily add all the locations you teach at.

Add user types

Easily add head instructors, planners, school managers and system managers.

Edit e-mail templates

Easily edit and customize e-mail templates to your liking

Edit info pages

Easily edit info pages to your liking.

Edit languages

Add and edit languages. For now the system supports Dutch, German and English. If you want to translate the system to another language, we have resources available to assist you.