Why should you automate?

Imagine a world in which your water sport company runs itself and where sudden weather changes no longer come with a small heart attack. Gone are the days with endless phone calls to students and instructors to reschedule a lesson. At VIKING, we know how vital the sunny days are to your business so we’re here to help you through the rainy ones.

VIKING Bookings, our one of a kind weather-based management software, is guaranteed to give you back control over your time. It helps you to focus on the things that matter most, and couldn’t be easier to setup and manage. Simply add classes and plan them according to instructor availability. Students can then securely book whenever they want, pay online and if something changes you simply let everyone reschedule with the push of a button.

A study among users, ranging from solo entrepreneurs to the biggest guys in the business, overwhelmingly shows that VIKING Bookings gets your hands free to really start building your business. No more constant phone calls or overflowing mailboxes. Automating your business with VIKING means decreasing manual error wil increasing your student-instructor satisfaction. All you need is a device connected to the internet. That means you can manage your business from home, on the go or even on the water.

VIKING isn’t just about planning. We’ll also help you grow your company through some sweet features incorporated right into the system. Think about 24/7 booking, easily getting people to upgrade their lesson packages, automated upsell emails and connecting your online marketing to the signup process so new students directly see what you’re up to.

Smooth business

You want your business to run smoothly just like the clock. Just imagine how good it would be if your customers schedule their lessons without you moving your smallest finger. The software will do the job for you..

Save a lot of time

As you no longer need to plan your instructors and trainees, you save 90% of your planning time. The booking process is fully automated with VIKING software.

Grow your business

VIKING makes it is easier to sell larger packages to your customers.  With your schedule, registration, marketing and administration fully automated, you can start expanding your business immediately. The average business in our portfolio grew 130% after implementing VIKING.

Minimise manual error

You bypass the expensive costs associated with manual errors and inefficiencies. Late email replies, late payments, slow date approvals and mistakes in your planning are all very expensive errors. Automation also saves lots of administrative labor costs.

Easy monitoring

You can monitor your agenda, (cash) payments, instructors, students and much more in a simpel way from any device at any given time. Reports are always up to date.

Leaner planning

Despite many hours of careful work, manual planning is still error-prone. By automating, you can optimize your timeslots through tighter planning that is clear for everyone.

Less no-shows

Customers pay directly online and get appointment-reminders through text message and email. Therefore appointments are not forgotten and no-shows are reduced.

More online bookings

Annually the number of customers booking online increases. Recent research has shown that in 2017 over 78% of customers book their activities online! With VIKING online bookings are easy and can be made anytime, using a mobile, tablet or PC.

Bookable 24/7

Sales are inceased as customers can book, pay and schedule their lessons online 24 hours a day.

“Do you live to work, or do you work to live?”

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Workload when you automate?

2 Weeks of implementation, after that a lot less work

Workload sports oprerations