Advanced planning

Detailed team management & lesson planning

Advanced planning

Manage your whole planning in one place

Sit back, relax and watch the scheduling happen.

Viking automatically matches your customers to an available instructor. The planner can fine-tune the schedule with a super intuitive drag and drop tool.

Settings for automation:

  • Instructor profiles: system knows exactly which instructor can teach which lesson(s) on which location
  • Set repeating lesson times for regular lessons
  • Use very irregular lesson times for tide dependant lessons
  • Automatically fill up group lessons
  • Use singe lessons, lesson packages, daily repeating or weekly repeating lessons
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Tweaks from real-life beach experience

  • Add new customers to a lesson with 1 click
  • Manually block instructors last-minute
  • Adjust lesson duration afterwards
  • Track notes about lessons or customers

Day planner

All information to compose groups at one glance: age, experience, weight, name, lesson type, location.

Start times overview

Timetable overview of the entire day to quickly see peak times, with the ability to slightly change the starting times by drag & drop.

Daily overview

List-overview of all lessons with payment & waiver information for lesson approval & day-to-day management

Simplify bookings, planning, communication and your life with these solutions:

Booking engine

Customer book, pay, schedule and reschedule from their own account on your website.

Advanced planning

Weather dependent automated planning. With built-in flexibility to easily change it afterwards.


Easily keep all your students and instructors in the loop with the click of a button.