——— October 2019 ———-


1. When a customer did not pay yet, the open amount is back in the daily schedule (yeahh!)

2. When a course is not paid, not planned, the customer could not see availability in his account. This is added.

3. The difference on bookers and participants is made more clear through the whole system

4. Category filters are added in reports

5. BOOM – instructors notifications are added!

5.1 Settings that were added

Go to settings – planning. The option ‘instructor approval notification’ is added. Choose from:

  • E-mail only
  • Prefer SMS, e-mail is phone number is empty
  • Email and SMS

5.2 Explanation on how it works

When approving and rejecting a course, a check mark is added to send a notification to the instructor. This works independently of the choice whether or not to send mail to the students.

When approving, an e-mail is sent with the first approved course. When cancelling, an e-mail is sent after the last cancelled course (when there are no remaining courses). In the event of changes in time and location, the mark will be removed and the instructor can be sent again via approval. After sending the message, a green check mark appears next to the instructor’s name in the daily overview.

——— September 2019 ———-


1. Payment reminder email: the open amount will be shown in stead of the full amount. This is for centers using deposits.

2. The option to delete a booking is added to the booking. It will only show if the payment is not made, and all the courses are not scheduled.

3. When sending out a notification email, it will show in the daily schedule.

4. The blocking function from the daily schedule will always make an extra rule in product availability. Even for tomorrow.

——— August 2019 ———-


When making a new booking from the planner or admin, the ‘send booking confirmation’ checkbox will automatically be set to ‘YES’ from now on.

Other updates:

1. If you work with 1 location, the agenda is open by default.

2. In the booking reports, the expiration date is added to the export + an extra filter is made.

3. On the booking confirmation to the center, the 1st date picked is added (when provided).

——— July 2019 ———-


1. The option for the instructor to take payments is added

2. The option for the instructor to set the waiver to signed is added

3. In the options, under planning, the option to turn these settings on or off is added


1. From now on, the extra development will be seen directly in your VIKING dashboard

——— June 2019 ———-

Bugfixes after the biggest update ever:

1. The booking form had glitches on some Ipads, this is fixed

2. New bookings will be seen first in booking lists

3. A pay back method is added to the admins

4. In the planner accounts, you could not click the price. This is fixed

5. Lots of minor fixes & updates under the hood

——— May 2019 ———-


1. An option to make each product bookable until X hours / days before course starts

2. Course name button is added to the products


1. Lots of updates under the hood

1st April 2019


Direct payment link is added to the payment reminder e-mail template.

which gives a button in the e-mail that goes directly to the payment page (from the PSP, or credit card / stripe page on Viking). You will also receive a short message here if the booking has already been paid and about the payment status, with a button below to log in and go to your booking.

Other new updates:

  • “Allow instructor to unset availability” option is added in settings –> planning. Here you can choose how long from now the instructor is allowed to delete availability in his account.
  • Booking forms can easily be duplicated
  • Age, date of birth and weight are added to exports
  • You can change questions and answers for the exports in the booking page (click on the messages), and then the CSV’s wil show the changes.


  • In the reports page, you can now see if guests paid a deposit
  • In some cases, the booking form was ‘jumping’, this is fixed
  • Booking scope in the booking form is now shown between the students information and calendar

1st March 2019


  • Option to enable and disable email templates with a checkbox.
  • Option to set the instructor availability per location.
  • Option to book for someone else in the booking form.
  • Option to show the calendar in the booking form when using bundle products. It will show the availability of the 1st product in the bundle.
  • Extra checkbox is added to the booking form. You can set this in the booking form under Custom text – Checkbox text. The checkbox appears at the bottom of the booking form between the general conditions and the newsletter.
  • Possibility to make custom fields in the booking form required.
  • Possibility to add choice fields to the booking form.
  • Option to export the daily schedule in CSV. As well it will show all extra fields that you request in your booking form.
  • When using daily repetition in products, the booking form will now show all the days in stead of just the starting day.
  • In reports – the tab transactions is added. Here it will show all transactions made by the system. You can use this to export to your accounting program.


  • Students will only see locations for their product, if they are available in the product availability
  • When students go to checkout, they will now see their name, product name and booking number. Before they only saw the booking number.

1st February 2019


Availability Scheduler for tide-based products

Specifically developed for lessons with strongly fluctuating start times every day, the new scheduler allows you to easily set product availability timeslots in a calendar overview.

  • Simulate tide tables in your available time slots
  • Works in conjunction with the normal ‘availability rules’

Possibility to move calendar in booking form

You can now change the position of the calendar in the booking form. There are these options now in your booking forms:

  • Do not show
  • Show calendar before personal information
  • Show calendar after personal information
  • Show list before personal information
  • Show list after personal information

Added: payable hours to instructors account

The instructor can now see all the lessons he has taught in the past.

HTML Style location description

You can now style the location description in these ways:

  • Add a link
  • Make bold, italic, or underlined.

Added: allow rescheduling for student per product

You can set the rescheduling for the guest account now per product. So for instance, a student can reschedule his class up to 2 days prior to his class, and a camp is not to be rescheduled for the student. (you can find this in products – select product – allow rescheduling).

Added: internal name for products

To make the system setup more clear, it is now possible to add an ‘internal name’ for the products. The regular name still shows in booking forms.

Overruling for the planner

A planner can now overrule any (lack of) availability with the checkbox ‘ignore max capacity’ after clicking on ‘schedule’ in the booking. For easier planning!

Present box in daily overview for repeated bookings

When a booking repeats itself automatically upon scheduling, the ‘present’ box in the daily overview will now work for the full amount of days / slots scheduled. You can still deselect 1 day. This will work better for camps and multiple day rentals.

Small fixes:

  • List view now only shows available slots.
  • A client can pay online for past lessons (after he had his lesson) – not recommended!
  • The option to add your own url after booking is deleted – for users who are using this, it will still work.
  • Booking forms now have standard values


  • When changing courses and keeping the instructor, all the data was lost. This is now fixed.
  • Optional booking form fields to additional students, are now really optional (stayed, in some cases, on required before)
  • The newsletter checkbox is not shown when Mailchimp is not connected
  • In certain repetition settings, the daily overview did not sort the students correct under the products. This is fixed.

1st January 2019


  • Possibility to export camps to CSV
  • Lots of extra options in reports


  • Payment required in the variant, did not work with deposits. Fixed.
  • In your daily overview, you only see the remaining amount in stead of the full amount when using deposits.

1st December 2018


  • More variable fields in the approval email (instructor, instructor telephone number, names of the other people in the booking)
  • Stripe connection
  • Possibility to ask for deposits per product
  • Upload your own terms of use

1st November 2018


  • List view is now a lot faster
  • Automatically have a standard course checked in the list view
  • Bookable by admin was not visible for the planner. This is fixed.

1st October 2018


A lot of new options in booking forms: 

  • Tracing source per booking form (to embed on other websites)
  • Specify locations per booking form
  • Have a booking form visible or not in the students accounts
  • Add extra fields to the booking or the student in the booking form
  • Easily add extra text


  • For 1 day courses, the option to choose the number of days is taken out of the booking form
  • Missing fields with product type is fixed
  • Choosing dates in list view had a small bug, is fixed

1st September 2018


1. A lot of new options in product variants: 

Go to products – select product – select variant. Here are the new options:

  • The option to automatically book multiple-day courses on a daily or weekly repetition
  • The option to have the variant bookable by 1. Only the admin 2. Only by existing users 3. By new users
  • Payment required yes / no per variant

2. Making multiple booking forms

Click on ‘booking forms’ in the main menu. Click ‘create booking form’. The ‘form title’ is used in the user’s accounts. You can now make multiple forms for the student’s accounts.

What can you do with all these new options?

  • Hide products for customers, to be bookable by admin only
  • Get specific upsell booking forms with special discounted prices that you can combine with the automated upsell emails (!).
  • Put in hire equipment for multiple days. VIKING can now calculate if you have enough availability over the week if you for eg have 40 freestyle sets and 20 race sets available per day.
  • Put in your weekly repetition courses with groups that you want to keep together.
  • Put in a ‘weekender course’
  • And mucho more.. Be creative!

1st August 2018


  • The ‘start times’ is now showing reserved instructors
  • The variants of products are added to reports and to bookings
  • Number of unscheduled courses and planned courses are visible in reports and bookings
  • Number of given lessons during a certain period is now added to reports
  • A lot of filters are added to the bookings tab under reports. As well you can make an export here.


  • The Ical connection is now showing instructors that are reserved for other activities
  • The instructor can leave remarks to courses/students in the past (in their account, click on availability, click on the date and leave a remark)

1st Juli 2018


  • Block overlapping slots function
  • More payment options to filter on the booking page
  • A status filter on the booking page


  • Product availability is working more intuitive in the category and product combinations (set max per category)
  • Ical is now taking product times into account
  • Logo’s are sharper

1st June 2018


  • We added the option to approve lessons without notification
  • In the booking, you can now say that it’s paid per invoice.
  • You can change group sizes from the daily overview (click on the name, select group size)


  • We added completed bookings to the student’s accounts again.


  • When blocking tomorrow from the daily overview, previously blocked instructors are not overruled anymore.
  • When booking for an existing customer, the date of birth is now automatically added (did not work before).
  • Checkbox in the daily schedule for 1 whole timeslot did not work. We removed this and added it per instructor.
  • As an admin, the scheduling of the first date did not work when using the setting ‘require payment before scheduling’. This is fixed.
  • When 2nd and 3rd people in a booking did not put in their email address, the student level did not work for those people. This is now fixed per booking. The progress of course participants without an e-mail address is maintained, however with a new booking this is seen as a new student because the system cannot reliably match the person (this is done on the basis of e-mail address).
  • When using multiple locations, the weekly overview did not show every single location correctly. This is now fixed.
  • A planner could not add messages – this is fixed
  • Search bar for extra bookers is now working

1st May 2018


  • Upload a photo in the student booking process
  • Instructors tab is added in daily overview
  • Reports – payout report – is now available per date
  • FAQ added


  • The whole student’s account + booking steps are updated
  • The daily schedule and the day planner both got an ‘overhaul’


  • Several technical issues with drag & drop
  • Reports – paid booking – did not show card bookings.
  • The instructor’s accounts sometimes did not see lessons

25th April 2018

Added (GDPR law)

  • GDPR -A newsletter signup checkbox in the booking form.
  • A checkbox for the privacy policy that you can add yourself.
  • An extra popup where people leave their personal data. Here you can write what you do with this data.

31st March 2018


  • Block instructor for other activity functionality
  • Checkbox for students presence
  • Instructors van leave messages to students as well (before it was only to bookings)
  • 4th Option in group booking settings
  • Different texts in booking form for rentals and lessons
  • Spanish translation of the system


  • Locations + descriptions is now translatable
  • The bulk operation in the instructor’s accounts to add availability now takes their personal product availability into account
  • Minimum height in the day planner to organize it better
  • Google tag manager is now working in the Analytics tracking

28th February 2018


  • Start time changer tool – to avoid crowds at the station
  • It is now possible to combine products (eg. rental with lesson)
  • Change student experience in the day schedule
  • Availability tester tool


  • Improved (almost new) email builder
  • Locations update
  • Improved approvals
  • Instructor availability improvement
  • Notification when the course is paid in students account
  • Notification in students account if there are open slots


  • If you delete products, they are still bookable for the customers who already booked that product.
  • With the new email editor, the booking system URL is now a link for all email providers.

18th January 2018


  • New booking form

Nothing has changed in the way it works for now. We updated the looks on desktop and mobile. Besides that, we made it future proof so that we can easily add extra functions.


  • Minor fixes in payment settings

10th January 2018


  • Grouping in drag & drop is now based on group size. Big groups go first, private lessons last.
  • When a student turns red in the drag & drop, the system will now say why he turns red (eg. overbooked, the instructor cannot teach the product)
  • Readability of student experience, language, weight, and age is improved.


  • An icon will not be made for single bookings
  • First date picker in admin account fixed

3rd January 2018


Drag and drop interface for daily planning
Finetuning the schedule for the next day? What took half an hour before now only takes minutes.

Exclusive group-booking
Option to let groups book just by themselves. No other students will automatically be added to the class.

Block course day
You can block the next day for your customers to book if you want to make the day schedule yourself. As well you can block a day in the future.

Waiver check
Keep track of which students signed the waiver. Make sure that there are no mistakes made.

Tracking of booking source
Always know where your bookings came from, even with third parties.

Exact online API – No more accounting!
Do you hate spending hours in accounting? With our Exact accounting API, VIKING will send every paid booking directly to your accounting software. Exact will automatically make invoices and put those automatically into your administration. You’ll always have, real-time, 100% insight into your operation. The cost of this API is a one-time investment of 900 Euros.

Rental products
You can add rental products to the system now.

Book a course for someone else
In the student’s account, the student can now book for a family member, friend etc. directly in his account.

Timezones added
In settings set your correct timezone.

Currencies added

  • Euros
  • American dollars
  • Australian dollars
  • South African Rand
  • Pound sterling

More payment providers added

  • CX pay
  • PayGate added


Improved interface
Your product availability, products, and settings got a complete makeover. Blocks are collapsible now and easy to shift around.

15th August 2017


Updating and renewing our servers – VIKING is now at least 30% quicker. Besides that, there is a big security improvement.

8th August 2017


  • Update in the layout of the menu
  • Extra filters are added to the bookings lists


  • You can set the number of minutes per product now for your instructor’s payments
  • When sending a message to a student through the system, he will be emailed now as well

30th June 2017


Instructors, planners, and students can add messages to the student’s log

Everybody can keep track of the student’s learning curve better and it’s easier to select the right group per student.

Standby email 

When students start calling you in the daytime, and you don’t know if the lessons are on or not because of the weather, you can now easily send all the waiting students an email and a text saying the lessons are stand-by and they will be notified in X amount of time.

Did not pay and did not select a date email

If the student books, but doesn’t pay and don’t select any dates, the next dat an automated email will go out asking if we can help the student with planning.

Ical connection

Connect to Google, apple or Outlook calendar.

Paypal API


  • Better day and week schedules for accounts who are not using instructors
  • Better student experience in day schedules

24th May 2017


  • Weekly schedule
  • Upsell emails
  • Revenue reports


  • Day schedule has had a complete more intuitive makeover
  • Set payments in day schedule
  • Better date picker


  • Bug fixed in booking form with the date picker for schools that have only 1 location

4th May 2017


  • Book a course for a student directly from the back end
  • Change already made bookings easily (for eg make a lesson package smaller)
  • Email templates per sport
  • Next to instructor availability, now product availability is added as well
  • Weight of the student


  • Overview page of the student improved
  • Booking page of the student improved
  • More easily book for the student from the back end
  • New iframe – better trackings
  • Date of birth picker improved


  • Bug fixed in booking form when students left the same email address for 2 different students

5th April 2017


  • Tracking of Analytics
  • Sending events to Analytics
  • Possibility to add your own thank you page
  • Tool for the school to possibly change every word in the system
  • Password recovery email


  • Improve the usability of the Iframe
  • Automatically let the system approve all the lessons after a time the school manager can set
  • Added minutes instead of hours


  • Cancellation of a multiple people booking in the day schedule fixed
  • Required payment issue is fixed
  • System did not recognize placeholders in emails
  • Translations fix