Always at your customers’ service, with a customer portal styled to your corporate identity.


After booking on your website, the client is redirected to their personal customer portal.

Your client receives a password and login information so they can always go back to their portal. From the portal your customers can:

  • Schedule and reschedule

  • Read up on lesson theory

  • Sign the waiver(s)

  • Make new bookings

“It is easy for guests to make bookings on the website without complications. We’ve had only positive reactions.”
Hartbeach surfschool


Scheduling and rescheduling
  • Let your customer schedule multiple lessons directly in their portal

  • Set the period for which clients are allowed to reschedule their lessons (themselves)
  • After cancelling a lesson due to bad weather, customers can choose a new date in the portal


Read up on lesson theory
  • Unlock new lesson theory after finishing a lesson

  • Six pre-filled theory pages are included per sport*. Setting them up takes a matter of minutes!

  • High quality content: videos, animations, photos and texts are included

  • Change the templates to your liking to make them match your center

* Applicable for kitesurfing, winging and surfing. The SUP, windsurf and Sailing templates will soon follow.

Waiver Kiteschool


Signing the waiver(s)
  • Add your own waiver

  • Have different waivers for different products

  • Set an expiration date to the waiver. If it’s passed, the client has to sign again


Other customer portal features that our software offers
  • Edit the customer profile

  • View lesson history

  • Make new bookings (for others)

  • Get more center information

On demand

Customers want to arrange things themselves, on their device, on their time. Viking makes this possible.

Always available

Your customer can reach you 24/7. All they need is a device with internet to get to their customer portal.


With features such as schedules that are up to date 24/7, theory pages that unlock when finishing lessons and much more, you and your business levels up.

Frequently asked questions

Because the theory that is not relevant to the customer, is still locked. Every time the student had a lesson, the next theory page opens up. Because it is in human nature to want to finish things, they are more likely to book more lessons because they want to finish all theory.

Every time a customer finished a lesson, a new ‘theory page’ opens up. They will receive an email after the lesson that they can now prepare for their next lesson online with a link to the specific page.

Yes you can.

  • You can change all standard theory to your specific theory.
  • You can change all theory photos/ graphics to match your own style.

Yes, you can add your logo, house colors, contact information and even some photos of your center to the customer portals.

Viking will automatically send your customer an email with their login credentials, after finishing a booking on your website.

Simplify bookings, planning and communication

Simplify bookings, planning and communication

Booking engine

Customers book, pay, schedule and reschedule 24/7 directly on your website.

Customer portal

Read up on lesson theory, reschedule cancelled lessons, sign waivers and book new lessons.

Advanced planning

Weather-dependent, automated planning. With built-in flexibility to easily make changes afterwards.


Easily keep all your customers and team in the loop with the click of a button.

The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

  • We setup Viking specifically for your center, so you have a ready to go custom system

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Grow your business with automatic upselling & smart conversion tracking features.

  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

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