Project Description

Jibe City – Bonaire

Jibe City is a windsurf center on the island Bonaire. They offer windsurf lessons, rental of windsurf equipment as well as short- and long-term storage. Jibe city has been using Viking Bookings for four months.

‘Viking Bookings creates less stress and less e-mail traffic, and we receive more bookings while spending less time on bookings since we are using the software.’

Entire offer

Jibe City was searching for a system which could provide bookings of their lessons online.

‘When we found out about Viking Bookings, we realized that this system offers much more then we were looking for. Apparently, we could implement our whole package in the system, which means windsurf lessons, rental and storage.’


The wind conditions in Bonaire are steady. This means that the lessons from Jibe City always go on. 

‘It’s very rare to cancel a booking for us.  The wind is very constant and steady for beginner lessons. Viking automatically approves the lessons for the next day, because they always go on. Now we don’t have to spend time on the scheduling anymore.’ 

Jibe City Bonaire
Jibe City software windsurf


Jibe City doesn’t have to deal with needless e-mail traffic with their guests any longer.

‘Before we were using Viking Bookings, we had to send at least three e-mails before we could confirm one booking. Now we have reduced this to just one confirmation e-mail. This gives us more time to give our customers more attention which makes our center a more welcoming place.’


‘The software is always in progress which shows us that Viking Bookings is managed by a motivated team. We have used the system for only four months, but we couldn’t imagine managing our center without this software!’


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