Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure?2019-10-30T09:38:16+01:00

All your communication with the system goes through SSL to avoid any external snooping. We have servers in reputable hosting centers in Europe. Additionally you can enable extra features to make your data more secure by allowing very limited access to your system, blocking users, etc.

Do you take commission on online payments?2019-10-30T09:38:43+01:00

No we don’t. We connect to several major service payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, Redsys and plenty of local providers.

What are the minimum requirements to use VIKING?2019-10-30T09:47:18+01:00

You can see VIKING as a very advanced website. It runs in the cloud and not on your computer. So VIKING will work on any device with a modern browser.

Who owns my data?2019-10-30T09:47:41+01:00

Your VIKING system is your system. Your data is your data.

We don’t do anything with your data, except for an anonymized counter on our website of all users and scheduled lessons in all VIKING systems.

Do I have to take full payment at the time of booking?2019-10-30T09:47:59+01:00

This is completely optional. There are multiple options:

  • Require full payment at the time of booking
  • Require a deposit at the time of booking
  • Payment is optional at the time of booking
  • Payment is not requested at the time of booking
From what technology is VIKING built?2019-10-30T09:49:44+01:00

VIKING is built with PHP and Java. VIKING provides a worldwide fast & secure booking, planning & reservation platform.

How long does the setup take?2019-10-30T10:31:01+01:00

Once we received all your information, we need between 1 – 10 working days to setup your software. After this you get the login.

We provide a system filled with your:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Pricing
  • Packages
  • Start times
  • Booking conditions
  • And much more

All you have to do after you received the login, is an online training to get to know how the software works. Once you fully understand the system, you can fill it with your team & customers.

Does VIKING have an API?2019-10-30T10:38:18+01:00

Yes, VIKING has an API for large & enterprise businesses. Contact us for more information about the API.

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits?2019-10-30T10:49:35+01:00

Yes, we love to help out! Please contact us for more information.

Will using VIKING mean I lose the personal touch with my customers?2019-10-30T10:56:10+01:00

Not at all! VIKING just means you can provide a higher standard of customer service in less time. You can send scheduled emails, right at the time your customer needs it. VIKING knows if a customer has booked before and enables you to keep customer notes eg likes and dislikes, their dog’s name, the date of a special event or particular requirement.

Will I get more bookings when I have VIKING on my website?2019-10-30T10:58:03+01:00

70% of customers prefer to book online. Having VIKING means you give those customers what they want. Online booking is immediate and easy, so it’s a strong incentive for them to make the decision to book. Once you’ve attracted visitors to your site you have a much better chance of turning them into customers with an online booking system like VIKING.

Will I sell more with VIKING?2019-10-30T11:03:11+01:00

VIKING can help in multiple ways:

  • Sell multiple lessons / rentals per booking
  • Show your live availability on your website
  • VIKING booking forms are tried & tested for conversion optimization
  • Send upsell emails according to the behavior of your customer
  • Get deeper insights with precise reports
  • Some great marketing features
What is your system downtime?2019-10-30T11:06:15+01:00

With an average uptime of 99.99%, VIKING is one of the most reliable online booking systems around. The server is monitored constantly and our administrators notified immediately of any faults. Backups are made per section of your system (se we can for eg. only backup a certain product). You can be sure that your information is safe and you can download customer and booking data at any time.

Check our uptime here.

Does VIKING look like my own website?2019-10-30T12:30:25+01:00

For sure it does. Your brand is important. That’s why you can add your own colors, logo, pictures, packages, etc. to VIKING. Your customer won’t even know he is taken to VIKING.

Does VIKING work multi language?2019-10-30T12:31:39+01:00

Yes, languages can be set per customer. They receive all information in their own language. You still get to see everything in your language.

There are different booking forms per different language for on your website.

Does VIKING work in my language?2019-10-30T12:33:17+01:00

VIKING supports 6 languages at the moment. If your language is not there, let us know and we’ll translate VIKING together according to your needs.

Can I export from the VIKING system?2019-10-30T12:35:36+01:00

Yes, there are several .csv exports:

  • Daily schedule
  • Bookings
  • Transactions
  • Worked hours from your team
  • Camp exports
Do you update the system?2019-10-30T12:50:21+01:00

Yes, we do! We listen to our customers. Updates are free for anyone with a license.

Check out our big updates here.

Check out our change log here. 

What pricing do you offer?2019-10-30T13:02:53+01:00

We have 2 types of pricing that you can choose from:

  1. A monthly % of your revenue, that is paid at the end of the month
  2. A yearly fee

The pricing depends on the size of your business. We made the pricing right for small, medium, big & enterprise companies. Schedule a demo to discuss your preferred pricing.

How does the setup work?2019-11-15T14:15:09+01:00

We setup VIKING for you! When signing up to VIKING, we ask for your logo, packages, time slots, colors, etc. After that, we need a few days to build you custom software. You get the login and you’re good to go. Of course we provide an online training to get to know your system.

What support do you offer once the system has been installed?2019-11-15T14:18:22+01:00

In the first month we provide Skype, phone, helpsite and email support. After this first month we provide an online Helpsite and email support.

If you require phone support after the first month, this is something we are able to facilitate. Please get in touch for more information.

Can I try VIKING first?2019-11-15T14:20:33+01:00

Because VIKING is a custom setup for your center, there is no trial. However, you can see VIKING as many times as you like & ask all the questions you have in our online demo’s.

At first it might be a bit scary, but we noticed over time that it’s much better to provide you with a system that is setup specifically for your business. We promise: If you choose for us, we choose for you. We’ll help you with your automation process.

Can VIKING be connected to my existing website?2019-11-19T09:29:43+01:00

For sure! We’ve made the simplest solution to connect VIKING to your website:

  1. Copy the script-code, paste it in a page of your site and the booking form will show.
  2. The other option is to simply link your buttons to the booking form’s URL.

This is what the script code looks like when you want to copy it in VIKING:

If you need help connecting VIKING to your website, let us know and we’ll do it for you.

Can I make VIKING GDPR proof?2019-11-19T09:30:40+01:00

Because VIKING is your system, you are responsible for GDPR compliance. This is no different than that your website has to be compliant. But on our side, we have all the options you need in the system for GDPR compliance:

  • An explanation link on the booking form, to inform your customer why you need their data
  • Possibility to upload your privacy policy
  • Possibility to delete bookings & users

Other precautions that are taken:

  • Strong passwords are generated (most data leaks are caused by humans, for ex. weak passwords)
  • Encrypted passwords
  • All communication goes through SSL to avoid external snooping
  • Secure coding
Can I use VIKING for my business?2019-11-19T09:31:41+01:00

VIKING can be tailored to suit a wide range of businesses. It can be set up specifically for your center and in our experience fits about 95% of the usual product/lesson offers from watersport companies.

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The advantages of VIKING:

The advantages of VIKING:

  • Industry specific features

  • Ready to go system

  • Save time & effort

  • Grow your business

  • Fits 99% of all centers

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