We’d love to show you VIKING!

An interactive Skype call demo – we’ll show you the system in action and you get to see (and ask) how it will work for your school! Free of charge and with no obligations. Pay attention to the Time Zone, especially last-minute!

The advantages of VIKING:

  • Industry specific features

  • Ready to go system

  • Save time & effort

  • Grow your business

  • Fits 99% of all centers

Customers can make there own bookings on the website and plan their own courses! Actually…the only thing you still have to do by yourself is teach! 

– Vincent Alblas, Brunotti Beachclub

After using VIKING for 3 years, our company size doubled 6 times.

Before VIKING there was a bit of a panic when we got busy because we did not really know our availability. Now we see exactly what the availability is and can fully plan according to that. Now, we push being as busy as possible because VIKING takes away all that error prone work from us!

Jurriaan Duijvenboden, North Sea Watersports School

Instant increased revenue

‘Another massive plus for us is the fact that we’ve only ever sold individual lessons before, and now we’re offering 1, 2, 3 or even 5 lessons. A lot of customers actually buy these, so it’s increasing our revenue instantly. So, business overall is better! And my life is so much easier!’

Can’t speak highly enough of VIKING.

‘The new system that we implemented, is really incredible! I can’t speak highly enough of it! The fact that this system creates all the information that the customer needs makes the purchase for the customer so much easier. It automatically assigns the customers to the instructor, the instructor then gets all the information, etc. We’ve only been using it a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school. And it saves so much time and effort to me as well! Incredible!’

Dave Melmouth, Joss Bay Surf School

‘When we found out about Viking Bookings, we realized that this system offers much more than we were looking for. Apparently, we could implement our whole package in the system, which means windsurf lessons, rental and storage. Besides that, It’s very rare to cancel a booking for us.  The wind is very constant and steady for beginner lessons. Viking automatically approves the lessons for the next day, because they always go on. Now we don’t have to spend time on the scheduling anymore.’ 

Emieck de Goede, Jibe City

After using outdated software, we found out about Viking Bookings. A booking system which was developed especially for watersport seemed perfect for us. With their own background, they definitely understand the challenges we experience.

From the beginning, we really liked the drag and drop features and the interface, both the interface for our customers and the backhand interface. Apart from this positive product experience, we like the approach from Thijs. He has guided us well when we were implementing the program.’

Lyndsey, Escape surf school