My name is Kyle, I’m from Cape Town, South Africa, the kitesurfing capital of the world. 

In 2015, after 3 years of teaching kitesurfing locally and abroad I decided it was time to start my own kitesurfing school. Thus, Coastline Kitesurfing was born, offering certified beginner to advanced kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town.

After speaking with 100’s of my students abroad, I found out that the number 1 way they found/chose the kitesurfing school of their choice, was through a Google search. 

Therefore, I knew right from the beginning that online presence was extremely important in this industry. I began studying SEO marketing day and night, sometimes up to 10 hours a day! 

After 6 months of study I felt confident enough to start implementing the new SEO techniques and algorithms I had learned, on my own kitesurfing schools website Coastline Kitesurfing.

Within months, my school’s website ranking went from non-existent, to #7 then to #5, #3 and now in 2020 it ranks #1 for pretty much all the main keywords. Go ahead, type in Kitesurfing lessons Cape Town in Google and you’ll see. 

After 5 years of ranking my own school’s website, I realized that I can actually help other schools around the world too. 

Thus, I started HanglooSEO an  SEO marketing agency offering specialized SEO services specifically to kitesurfing schools around the world. 

HanglooSEO, is not your average SEO agency who offers their services to all sorts of business’ types. We offer SEO specifically to kitesurfing schools, it’s what we specialize in. 

From one kitesurfer to another I look forward to assisting you with your kitesurfing school’s SEO and increasing your revenues 10 fold.

For a free SEO audit of your website please contact me via email,