VIKING is built from the ground up, to save time & sell more. It goes without saying that we are truly mobile friendly and super fast.

The only platform that can do this

  1. Sell multiple sessions to your customers upon booking.
  2. Make an account for every customer.
  3. Let customers schedule, reschedule and make new bookings from their account.*
  4. Give all your instructors their own login with their own availability & calendar.
  5. VIKING will automatically assign the right students to the right instructor.
  6. You sit back, relax and watch the scheduling happen.

* This is the # 1 thing your customers will love and save you tons of phone calls and emails.

Take online bookings
Widget integration
Customizable booking form
Make multiple booking forms
Tracking per booking form
Product support
Single activity
Rental products
Group bookings
Advanced settings per product
Activity packages
Auto repeating activities
Tide dependent products
Weather dependent products
Template e-mails
Booking confirmation
SMS support***
Different emails per activity type
Cancel / reschedule
Easy insert custom message
Auto upsell & marketing
Team management
Ical + Icloud sync
Role based permissions
Set activity per instructor
Set location per instructor
Set instructor priority
Instructor login
Online agenda
Ical + Icloud sync
Drag and drop planning
Automated planning
Weight & age tracking
Student level tracking
Easy approve and cancel
Customers manage bookings
Real life timesavers
One click rescheduling
One click repeat booking
One click adjust instructor availability
One click add students
Let students reschedule

More in-depth features comparison


Other systems in rescheduling:

  • Go to the booking
  • Reschedule the booking
  • Call student #1 if this is okay
  • Call student #2 if this is okay
  • Student #3 can’t on the proposed day, and needs to go into another booking
  • The planner puts the student in the other booking
  • Call student #4 if this is okay
  • Etc.

How VIKING works:

  • The planner releases the course(s),
  • The student(s) gets notified
  • The student logs in into his account, and is able to reschedule himself.

Team management

Other systems in team management:

  • The customers books 1 course (because they can’t book a 5 day course)
  • The center does not know what instructor is available
  • The center contacts instructor #1 – is not available
  • The center contacts instructor #2 – is not available
  • Etc
  • Instructor #4 is available
  • The center now addresses the instructor to the booking
  • Another customer books 1 course
  • Etc.

How VIKING works:

  • The admin selects what products the instructor can teach
  • Every team member gets their own login
  • The team member adds his own availability
  • The student books multiple lessons directly onto the instructors availability
  • You sit back, relax and watch the scheduling happen

Online booking

Other platforms in online booking:

  • The student books online
  • The student agrees to THE PLATFORMS Terms and conditions
  • The student PAYS THE PLATFORM
  • The student is added to the platform’s mailing list
  • The student will receive mailings that will direct them to the platform (less conversion for you)
  • The platform then pays the center weekly

How VIKING works:

VIKING is not a platform. You lease VIKING software for your own company. It’s like having custom software built specifically for your center, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Student books multiple lessons online
  • Student agrees to your terms & conditions
  • Student pays directly to you
  • Student receives your email
  • VIKING will charge you after 1 month

The advantages of VIKING:

The advantages of VIKING:

  • Industry specific features

  • Ready to go system

  • Save time & effort

  • Grow your business

  • Fits 99% of all centers

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