Project Description

Avid Kiteboarding, Italy

Avid kiteboarding is a small kite school on Lake Garda (Italy) with a maximum number of 10 students at the same time. They own 2 boats where they do their lessons and rentals from. They focus on small scale, quality and a better experience for their customer.


‘VIKING is less work because even now, in the beginning of the season, customers send me a WhatsApp that they just booked on the website without even asking me! A lot is managed directly from my website and it all goes a lot faster this way. For me, the biggest advantage of VIKING that there is a lot less stress then before.’

Boat teaching

‘In VIKING we have 2 boats available to be booked onto. Customers directly book themselves into the spaces we have available. We teach with boats because our customers don’t have to walk back upwind, safety is much better rand there is a much better overall experience.’


‘My customers say that booking online like this is an advantage for them also. Especially for the short-term bookings where I cannot be reached anymore, people are still able to book.’


‘I thought when implementing the software, that the marketing would be implemented as well. This is something I am currently doing myself and I’m sure that this is going to generate a lot more customers for us!’

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