Project Description

Joss Bay Surf School, UK

Joss Bay is a medium sized surf school that celebrates its 21st anniversary this year. They are located in the southeast of England and the swell comes from the north. Because the school teaches in a bay (what’s in the name), the conditions are perfect!

‘Running’ for 21 years.

‘The last 20 years customers went to the website, they phoned or emailed me, I had to email them back, set a date, get them to pay, get the instructor, re-plan the lesson again, etc. With the amount of lessons that we’ve got, this is just very time consuming. But part of owning a surf school, right?’

Can’t speak highly enough of VIKING.

‘The new system that we implemented, is really incredible! I can’t speak highly enough of it! The fact that this system creates all the information that the customer needs makes the purchase for the customer so much easier. It automatically assigns the customers to the instructor, the instructor then gets all the information, etc. We’ve only been using it a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school. And it saves so much time and effort to me as well! Incredible!’

Instant increased revenue

‘Another massive plus for us is the fact that we’ve only ever sold individual lessons before, and now we’re offering 1, 2, 3 or even 5 lessons. A lot of customers actually buy these, so it’s increasing our revenue instantly. So, business overall is better! And my life is so much easier!’

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