Project Description is based in Scheveningen and has grown to one of the largest kitesurf schools in the Netherlands in just a few years. Nowadays, they give their lessons on three different locations with a team of +/- 25 instructors. This resulted in many phone calls and e-mails every day. To solve this problem, they have implemented Viking Bookings for their kitesurf lessons and rental bookings.

Different locations

They teach on different locations.

‘We gave our lessons on three different locations, Viking Bookings helps us to organize this. It would be very hard to have a good overview of these locations without this system.’

‘Viking Bookings has brought us so much convenience.’

Communication used to work full-time on their schedule during peak season.

‘Answering phone calls and e-mails at least 8 hours a day used to drive us crazy. Since we are using Viking Bookings, we reduced this to 2 hours a day. Because students make their own account, they can schedule their lessons themselves.

We don’t have to call every single student anymore when the circumstances, like the weather forecast, change. We are teaching on three different locations. All communication goes automatically with Viking Bookings, so every student will get a message with the required information. That’s why we barely have to call anymore.’

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