Project Description was the first kitesurf school in the Netherlands. With almost 20 years of experience, they know how to manage a school. They offer their lessons on three different locations.


Before using Viking Bookings, employed a full-time manager to manage the surf school.

‘We purchased this software to manage the bookings for our entire school. The system does everything for us so I can manage the school as well as manage it from our surf shop Shaka. Before, we had to hire a full-time manager to organize the surf school but with Viking Bookings we don’t have to anymore. ‘


They needed some help during the implementation phase.

‘We had to learn how to use the system in the beginning. It was easy to approach Viking Bookings when we needed help, and everything was always solved with just a simple phone call.

Now all the settings have been set perfectly for our school and we understand how everything works. This means everything goes automatically. It takes me 20 minutes a day in the high season to organize everything for the next day instead of four hours of phone calls and scheduling.’

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