Project Description

M&M SUP Amsterdam

M&M SUP Amsterdam is a small SUP School in the Netherlands and founded in 2011. They offer SUP lessons, tours and Yoga & Pilates on two different locations, at IJburg beach and Amsterdam Zeeburg. The school is open from April till October.

The lessons can’t be given when there is too much wind, that is why approximately 20% of their lessons are cancelled.

User friendly

They had no experience with software programs at M&M SUP Amsterdam.

‘The system is easy to understand, while we are no computer experts. Everything is very clear, I really like that’

Online payment

They experienced several problems with the payment of customers before they worked with Viking Bookings. 

‘We like the online payment. This saves us an enormous amount of time in our administration. We were used to call our customers very often, because they had open payments. We don’t experience this problem anymore since we are using Viking Bookings.’

SUP school software

Higher turnout

M&M SUP School is no longer surprised by customers who don’t show up, the online payment probably has a motivational effect.

‘Many bookings didn’t show up before. Now, all the people just show up, since they have to pay their bookings with Viking Bookings.’


The communication between M&M SUP School and their customers has become much easier. 

‘I like that the customer information is bundled in the system and the possibility to send messages from the system to our customers. This provides an easy and direct communication to our customers.’


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