Project Description

Northsea water sports center

Northsea stands out because of a personal touch to their customers and their radio communication system. They are a small scale water sports center with 2 locations that is mainly specialized in kitesurfing. Besides that, they teach surfing, SUPping, Mega SUP and other outdoor activities.

Personal touch.

We were afraid to go from our manual system to the automated system of VIKING. Afterwards we are very happy, because we are much more personal due to the SMS and emails upon booking, approving and cancelling. And we are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated. We never miss in communication anymore.

The customers of Northsea water sports center.

All we hear from our customers is good stories. Because they think we are much more professional now. They feel more engaged to Northsea water sports center because of VIKING. Before all our customers called and emailed. What we notice is that our customers like to receive an email after booking, to confirm what they did online. We really focus on making that email very personal with their name, their booking etc. in it. This is something our customers really like!

After using VIKING for 3 years, our company size doubled 6 times.

Before VIKING there was a bit of a panic when we got busy because we did not really know our availability. Now we see exactly what the availability is and can fully plan according to that. Now, we push being as busy as possible because VIKING takes away all that error prone work from us!

How we use VIKING compared to other centers? We use all VIKING’s features!

All the features in VIKING, we use them. We really feel that’s a big reason we grew so fast in the last couple of years. Especially now we are using the marketing features, our company is growing even quicker. But we don’t want to talk about that too much ;-).

And we are sure that when extra features are added, we will definately use them!

Jurriaan & Jeanette

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