Project Description

Pepsports water sports center

Pepsports is a waterspots center started originally as a ‘fun side project’. Now, 10 years later they are much bigger and teach kitesurfing, supping, surfing, powerboating and much more. Pepsports is still growing. This year they want to focus on using all of VIKING’s features instead of just the basics.


‘Our customers can plan lessons without having to call a fellow worker. Our colleagues can approve lessons without having to call all customers. And still everyone feels very connected to Pepsports! This saves a lot of time, and everything is clearly arranged in a system and the agenda. So, everything became a lot easier for us.’

We don’t use all VIKING’s features

‘We only use the basic planning of our lessons in VIKING. We really feel that this year, we want to start using all of VIKING’s features to streamline our business even more and grow even bigger. And now I don’t have all of that customers support anymore, there is time to do that!’

Run a school from elsewhere

‘I am currently for 8 months a year in Bali, Indonesia. I am very happy that I don’t have to call with customers all the time anymore. Because it would make it very hard with the time difference etc. I think that having this lifestyle would not have been possible without VIKING.’

Sjors van Leeuwen

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