We proudly introduce

Viking 2.5

The online Marketing update

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Viking 2.5

Save Time & Sell More. This Is Our Gift To You. We Hope You Enjoy!

Let current customers book more. How? With automated up selling! Send your customers emails according to their behaviour in VIKING. Had a first kite lesson? Send an email with a not-to-refuse offer for the multi day course. Just finished your 5 lesson package windsurfing? Send them an offer on gear with a free private lesson! With the VIKING 2.5 update we’ll help you to get the most out of your center.

But that’s not all. Gain more customers. Put Analytics, Adwords and Facebook Business to better use by integrating them with VIKING. Together they will help you reach your goals, with automated marketing techniques. Set it up yourself, or connect with a third party supplier to get it done. With the VIKING 2.5 update we’ll help you get more customers.

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New features.

Send events to Analytics

VIKING will send back to your Analytics for hom much money someone has booked. Now you can see per page AND per source how much revenue came through your website!

Mailchimp integration

Automatically, all your customers are added to your Mailchimp list. With the good old marketing saying ‘The money is in the list’, VIKING won’t hold you back anymore ;-).

Add your Mailchimp API and List ID to VIKING. A new checkbox will appear for your customers: ‘suscribe to our newsletter’.

Choose what product is tide dependent

What if you built 20 posts and sponsor them? Do you know what post is actually generating customers? No? Well now you do! Because VIKING will tell Facebook what post generated bookings!

Quick spoiler – we know that for most of our customers, out of all the marketing efforts, the Facebook remarketing campaign will generate most revenue at the lowest cost ;-).