We proudly introduce

Viking 3.1

Our gift to your customers: The customer journey update.

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Viking 3.3

Welcome Improved Customer Journey. Welcome New Booking Widgets.

After gaining more insight from previous updates, we’ve re-build what prospective customers need to complete a purchase on your website. We’ve focussed on improving your customer journeys and at the same time get better customer insights for your center. We’ve improved on the actions you want your customer to focus on, like payment and planning. This guarantees better conversion rates. Excited? So are we!

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Improved features.

Make multiple booking widgets

A mountain bike tour is not the same as a surfing lesson. Signing up for them is a different process as well. With the VIKING 3.1 update you can build specific forms for specific activities.

More options per booking widget

  • No agenda view, agenda view or list view
  • Redirect user to payment page | yes / no
  • Request age, weight, phone, last name, etc?
  • Make any extra custom fields to request upon booking
  • Custom text per booking form to inform customers

Pages are merged

After booking on your website, customers are redirected to your booking system. Here pages are now merged together and have better