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Welcome to the world’s first TIDE scheduling tool!

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Managing Tides Has Never Been Easier. Or Faster. Or Clearer. Welcome Tide Scheduling Tool!

Yes it is possible to schedule tides into VIKING. And yes, it takes a day or so to set it for the whole year. And yes, it saves days and days of work when this is set up.  But what’s good can always be better.

Welcome to scheduling tides for the whole year within minutes! Welcome Tide Scheduler!

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New features.

Save Time. Save Hassle.
And don’t forget to Look Amazing.

Setup general availability

First, per product, setup the general availability. Beginner classes only on Saturday and Sunday. Advanced Monday and Wednesday. Private all week. After this set the tides per product.

Set tides per product

We’ve made the scheduler so you can set the tides for all products at once. Or you can set the tides per product. Because beginner lessons can be taught on low tides. And advanced all day.

Choose what product is tide dependent

Some products are not dependent on tides. You don’t need to schedule them with the tide scheduler. In the product settings, easily set what product can be scheduled with the tide scheduler and what product not.

Set the tides per location

Products may run on different time on location A then on location B. Easily set the tides per location.


An Amazing Update Worthy Of The #1 Water Sports Booking Software

VIKING continues to become more flexible, customizable, powerful and fun to use! We thrive and pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and continually introducing new updates to enhance your center’s way of working.

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