We proudly introduce

Viking 4.1

The much requested Discounts and Coupons update

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Viking 4.1

Powerful Discount And Coupon Codes To Streamline Your Business

You asked, we deliver. Say hello to VIKING 4.1, the next in line of manifold roadmap updates that formulate our vision for the future of making VIKING more and more powerful.

With the Discounts & Coupons feature, you have the possibility to create discounts for your customers. You can create automatic discounts that are applied to the checkout based on dynamic conditions you can create and configure, or by allowing the customer to enter a coupon code.

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Let’s get into detail

Generic codes

The ‘standard’ discount codes. Make them more specific based on:

– Product
– Valid from / until
– Maximum users
– New customers
– Existing customers
– % of discount
– Fixed amount

Groupon & personal flyers

Upload codes:

From Groupon and other sales sites.

Download codes:

To print unique personal flyers with their own codes.