We proudly introduce

Viking 4.2

The smart digital waiver

Viking 4.2

Smart Digital Waiver System. Let Your Customer Sign At Home, On The Road Or At Your Center

We are very proud to introduce Viking 4.2, the first major update of 2020, and the next in line of our important roadmap updates, which formulate our vision for the future of designing and building with Viking.

Our vision in developing this feature is to protect your center while keeping the fast check-in for your customers. That’s why we decided to let customers sign from their own devices, preferably before they come to your center.

Let’s get into detail

Building waiver functionalities

  • Build 1 General waiver or build waivers per product

  • Build waivers per language

  • Build waivers with as many checkboxes as you want

  • Set a validity per waiver

  • Changes in the waiver? Save & invalidate all previous versions

Most customers sign up front

  • After booking, a notification is shown to sign the waiver

  • In the booking confirmation, a link is added to sign the waiver

  • In the course approval email, a link is added to sign the waiver

What is stored when the customer signs?

  • All fields the customer had to fill

  • Signing Location

  • IP address

  • Browser ID

  • Signature

  • If applicable: parental signature

Sign on location

  • It is very clear to see in your daily overview who signed

  • The majority of your customers signed already

  • Save time: let the customer sign on his own device. All he has to do is scan the QR code.

  • Let the customer sign on your computer manually.

No more hassle with paper on the beach, right before you are about to go on the water! Now your customers can sign your waiver on their smartphone or computer, digitally and in advance.

Viking 4.2

An Amazing Update Worthy Of The #1 Water Sports Booking Software

VIKING continues to become more flexible, customizable, powerful and fun to use! We thrive and pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and continually introducing new updates to enhance your center’s way of working.

The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

  • We setup Viking specifically for your center, so you have a ready to go custom system

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Grow your business with automatic upselling & smart conversion tracking features.

  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

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