Started out of frustration. Developed with passion. VIKING bookings, the automation software for sport operations.

Check out the features of VIKING
  • Knowledge of sport operations
  • Tried and tested software used in our own watersports companies
  • Technological knowledge from well know Dutch digital agency

About us – Passion for watersports

How we know VIKING works? Because we’ve been on the other side. A couple of years ago we were getting our feet wet, just like you. And after some great years, we met the limits of what is humanly possible when running a water sport company. We went from wet feet to working up a sweat and that’s not how we wanted it to be.

So we decided things needed to change. Enter Beer ‘n Tea, a team of absolutely amazing developers who helped us turn problems into solutions. Together we built VIKING Bookings, a piece of software we would want to use ourselves. It instantly became a lifesaver for us and we believe it can do the same for you. That’s why we made it our business to spread the word, because we believe VIKING Bookings will make your life easier and help you focus on the things that matter.

Excited? So are we! VIKING Bookings is going to change the way you work so don’t hesitate and ask for a personal demo right now!

The VIKING team

Thijs van Westing
Thijs van WestingOwner / marketing / development
Thijs has worked for over 10 years as a manager and owner of international kite, surf, windsurf and SUP schools. Thijs studied marketing and conversion optimization. With this combination of experience and knowledge he continues to build and develop VIKING.
Roel Oude Avenhuis
Roel Oude AvenhuisOwner / operations
Roel owns the largest kitesurfing school in the Netherlands with 4000+ bookings per year. New developments of VIKING are being tested in his kiteboard school before they enter the market. Roel’s lack of technological knowledge has driven VIKING to be user friendly and easy to apply to any business by anyone.
Beer n Tea
Beer n TeaOwner / development
Beer n tea is a creative and typically Dutch digital agency. From design to conversion, from technical development to secure hosting, they have an in-house expert for all aspects.

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