We automate your kiteschool!

  • Book, pay and schedule kitesurfing lessons online
  • Automate instructor and studentplanning
  • Grow your kiteschool instantly
  • Make your life easy again

Kitesurfing school software

Automate your kiteschool with VIKING booking software: Instructor planning, student planning, online payment, online scheduling.

Be more scalable and professional immediately

Save time – let your instructors and students do the planning and replanning

Full flexibility to adapt to your own courses and pricing models, even with multiple locations and / or sports

Fully automate bookings based on instructor availability

Re-schedule cancellations due to weather in just 1 click

Reports: day planning, payment, instructors worked hours and more

Integrated marketing keys so your Facebook and Adwords campaigns perform better and cost less

Possibility of further development of an API to link your administration seamlessly to VIKING

Embeds in any website in under 2 mins, entirely in your house style

Software build for kitesurfing schools

In our own kitesurfing school we needed software to automate our planning. Because weather dependent booking software did not exist, we build it ourselves. After 3 years of developing, VIKING is now the #1 software for kiteschools.

There is only 1 constant in the software industry and that is change. That is why we keep developing the system on a daily base.

Kiteschool online agenda
“This season we start working with Viking Bookings at our kiteschool EuroFunAcademy and surfschool EuroFunCenter! Before we start we had some doubts if it all works the way we want. In the first 2 weeks it’s a bit of figuring out all the possibilities. But after a while we get used to it, and after a few months we can say just one thing; why didn’t we had this a few years earlier?
No more hours of calling if there is no wind, just a few mouseclicks! Customers can make there own bookings on the website and plan their own courses! Actually…the only thing you still have to do by yourself is teach! :-)”
Vincent Alblas, Eurofun-Academy.com

Kiteschool booking software used by #1 Schools around the globe


VIKING software is being used by the #1 kitesurfingschools around the globe:

  • Natural High (30+ instructors)
  • Kiteboardschool.nl (30+instructors)
  • Pepsports (10 instructors)
  • Versus (10 instructors)
  • Vertigo (20 instructors)
  • And much more…

VIKING is proven. All these schools are selling more, spending less time on their planning, are more professional and stand behind our software. Not convinced? Send them an email or call the school.

Your kitesurfing school as a VIKING ambassador?

You can get 15% off on VIKING if you want to become an ambassador for VIKING. Here’s the rules:

  • There is no kiteschool connected in your country yet
  • You are a professional kitesurfing school with a ‘cool’ image
  • We can use your kitesurfingschool as a portfolio on our website

Must see: VIKING Review by kitesurfingschool Vertigo


“We decided to get our scheduling automated because it took a lot of time doing it manually. The biggest advantage of VIKING is that you have a good overview of your customer coming in, saving time making a schedule for the next day. I would recommend VIKING to other schools who are using a system in which they are depending on weather in their scheduling, because it’s build for being flexible for the next days.” 

Fabian Naerebout – VDWS International Trainerteam – Vertigo Sports

“This is our first season working with Vikingbookings, we had our doubt in the beginning because we started with the booking system when the school was still closed. But when we started to receive bookings and the owner of the system helped us out a bit we started to figure out all the possibilities and got happier every day.
A good system that helps you save a lot of time!”
Sjors van Leeuwen, Pepsports.com
  • Online agenda for kitesurfingschools
  • Always, anytime, insight in your kiteschool
  • Book, pay and schedule online
  • Weather dependent kitesurfing software
  • Online booking and registration

Back office software

VIKING can also be used as a back office software for kiteschools. Easily manage customers, bookings and courses with the click of a button.

Front office software

You can show VIKING on a tablet / pc / mobile device at the front desk of your kitesurfing school. Let your customers choose to book and schedule themselves.

All bookings from the front office will be seen in the back office as well.

 The advantages of VIKING booking software for kitesurfing schools:

  • Let your customer book, pay and schedule his kite lessons online
  • All your your instructors have their own login where they can see their kitesurfing lessons
  • Pay your kitesurf instructors based on actual worked hours
  • Cancel reservations when the wind is not good and offer your students alternative date’s
  • Make less mistakes because of automated bookings and payments
  • Your students are more happy: they can book directly on your availability
  • Get more insight in your kiteschool with our reports: dayplanning, payments, worked hours and more
  • The booking software is completely customisable: Your packages and pricing, your logo and colours
  • Easy and fast to embed in your website

Why should you use our kitesurfing school software:

Fully automate bookings

VIKING is not only an online agenda. We fully automate your incoming bookings based on (instructor) availability. Save time & money immediately. Be more scalable and professional.

Payment solution

With VIKING reservation software, your customer can book and pay for courses from their device. This is a fully automated process. In the VIKING dashboard you can control and manage online payments as it suits you.

Grow your business

VIKING makes it is easier to sell larger packages to your customers.  With your schedule, registration, marketing, and administration fully automated, you can start expanding your business immediately.

Keep track of resources

Know your number of booked and available instructors. Set the location and sport(s) each instructor can teach and let the booking software place customers directly, based on avaliability.

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“We recently started using Viking bookings at North Sea Kitesurf School & Kitearena and we are super happy. We used to spend a lot of time trying to get our planning straight and get in contact with people, but now it all works easy and we can focus on other things. Whenever we have a problem or idea Thijs is really helpful and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”
Jeannette Vogn Melchior Hansen, North Sea Kitesurf School

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