We automate your sailing school!

  • Book, pay and schedule sailing lessons online
  • Automate instructor and studentplanning
  • Grow your sailing school instantly
  • Make your life easy again

Sailing school software

Online booking system for sailing schools. Let your students book, pay and schedule their sailing lessons directly on your website.

Be more scalable and professional immediately

Save time – let your instructors and students do the planning and replanning

Full flexibility to adapt to your own courses and pricing models, even with multiple locations and / or sports

Fully automate bookings based on instructor availability

Re-schedule cancellations due to weather in just 1 click

Reports: day planning, payment, instructors worked hours and more

Integrated marketing keys so your Facebook and Adwords campaigns perform better and cost less

Possibility of further development of an API to link your administration seamlessly to VIKING

Embeds in any website in under 2 mins, entirely in your house style

Software build for sailing schools

VIKING was build for sailing schools. Because of the unique weather depentent element in the software, it is easy to cancel courses when the weather is not good for sailing lessons. After cancelation, the student can reschedule his course in his own online agenda again. This solution was built after we discovered how much time and effort goes into the planning of a sailing school.

  • Made for sailing schools
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Book, pay and schedule online
  • Weather dependent sailing software
  • Save Money & Time immediately
As owner of Sailingschool Wavie I am really happy with VikingBookings! Finally a descent planning system what makes everybody happier. Less stress, more people on the sailing boats and more time for fun and sailing!
The best part is that system works on the availability of the sailing instructors and not the other way around. We are now busy with making the best match between the sailing instructor and student. This is so much better for the quality of the lessons.
Another benefit of the system is less administration. The automatic payments, reminders, e-mails, text messages helps us with professionalizing the Sailingschool!
Mark Roos, Sailingschool Wavie

Sailing school management software

Manage your sailing school automatically. Put the (instructor) availability into the booking system and let students book directly onto your availability. The system will schedule students based on:

  • Type of sailing instruction
  • Grouplesson / privatelesson (number of students per instructor)
  • The location where you teach what

And the system will automatically schedule students together who booked the same lesson package. Your whole planning is now automated!

Weather dependent software for sailing schools

Sailing lessons will often be cancelled due to weather. Here’s how this works in VIKING booking software:

  • The student books, pays and schedules his lessons online
  • The lesson packages the students booked are now fully paid and valid for 1 year
  • 1 Day prior to the lessons you approve or cancel the lessons
  • When doing this, a notification will be send to the students
  • If the lesson is cancelled a new lesson will open in his account which he can reschedule himself

Fully automate bookings

VIKING is not only an online agenda. We fully automate your incoming bookings based on (instructor) availability. Save time & money immediately. Be more scalable and professional.

Payment solution

With VIKING reservation software, your customer can book and pay for courses from their device. This is a fully automated process. In the VIKING dashboard you can control and manage online payments as it suits you.

Grow your business

VIKING makes it is easier to sell larger packages to your customers.  With your schedule, registration, marketing, and administration fully automated, you can start expanding your business immediately.

Keep track of resources

Know your number of booked and available instructors. Set the location and sport(s) each instructor can teach and let the booking software place customers directly, based on avaliability.

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 The advantages of VIKING booking software for sailing schools:

  • Let your customers make online reservations and start selling more
  • Let your instructors add their own availability and manage their personal agenda
  • Pay instructors based on actual worked hours
  • Cancel reservations and offer your students alternative date’s
  • Make less mistakes because of automated bookings and payments
  • Let your customers pay directly online
  • Get more insight with our reports: dayplanning, payments, worked hours and more
  • VIKING is completely customisable: Your packages and pricing, your logo and colours
  • Easy and fast to embed in any website
Thanks to Viking I don’t have to spend hours calling and planning students & instructors. It took my a couple of days to get to know the system. But after that it works great. Thijs is always ready to help! Thx a lot
Teun van de Meerendonk, Mifune Watersports centre

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