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At Viking Booking we would like to help as many surf schools as possible to streamline their sales and planning processes. Will you help us find new customers? Then you will of course receive a nice kickback fee.

How does it work for you?

Very simple: you send us your warm contacts, including name, telephone number, and possibly an e-mail address. Our sales team will then contact them on your behalf. If one of your contacts becomes a customer, you will receive your reward of 250 euros.

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And what does your contact person get?

There is also an additional benefit for anyone who becomes a customer through you: he or she receives 50 euro discount on the setup fee. A win-win situation for everyone!

Easy and for free

Whether you are already a Viking Bookings customer or not, it is easy to get started as a referral.

We do the hard work

User onboarding is entirely our responsibility. You receive an amount on the profit we make.

Paid privately or business

We pay you in the way that suits you best, including directly into your private account.

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