Strategic sessions

About Strategic sessions

The online knowledge base and additional email support is, and always will be, free of charge. If you want to get extra help to get the most out of your Viking system we offer strategic sessions. You’ll get an expert going through your system, with you (and your staff). Read more about the possibilities and the pricing below.

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Possibilities to choose from

When planning a strategic session we’ll discuss what are the quick-wins for your organization. It can be a mix of the points below:

Products, pricing & booking

  • Strategic overall setup
  • Optimal product settings
  • Strategic product availability
  • Strategic multiple booking forms setup
  • Optimize individual booking forms
  • Optimal website X Viking integrations

Deeper settings

  • Gift voucher setup
  • Getting the most out of reports
  • Optimize marketing settings
  • Waiver setup in combination with booking flows
  • Optimized translation settings
  • Optimizing information pages for different user roles
  • Inventory setup/ improvement
  • Rental module setup/ improvement


  • General Viking training for staff
  • Advanced Viking training for planners and managers
  • Generating the most revenue staff training
  • Work as efficient as possible staff training


Strategic sessions will either help you to generate more revenue, or save time. When we discuss your needs, we’ll discuss the timeframe as well.

Small (recommended)

95 euro – 1 hour


175 euro – 2 hours


330 euro – 4 hours

*In case of personal meetings, travel cost is not included

How do we meet?

Normally a strategic session is either an online video meeting, a meeting on location or in case of a training it will be a training location. Contact your account manager for the best option.