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Viking Booking System

Viking Booking Engine

Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with watersport specific features. Simplify administration with VIKING's booking engine. Focus on what truly matters - enjoying the surf.

  • Take bookings anytime - 24/7 directly from your website.
  • Sell multiple lessons - Sell your lesson packages to your customer.
  • Real-time availability - Customers book based on up-to-date availability.
  • Flexible payment options - Viking adapts to your payment needs.
  • Seamlessly integrated in your website - in 5 minutes.
Discover the Viking Booking Engine

Viking is available 24/7, directly from your website. Customers book directly to your live availability. This helps you sell more and save (a lot of) time.

Choose your productChoose a date and timeViking booking engine add personal detailsPaypal, Stripe, Creditcard and other payment methodsViking Booking engine success!
Choose your product
Product data

In step 1 of the booking form, the customer chooses the category, the product, the number of lessons and the number of participants. Here comes a prize.

Choose a date and time
Choose the first date

The customer optionally chooses the location, the first date and the first time of his course. This is based on real-time availability of the center.

Viking booking engine add personal details
Participant data

The participant data is added. Here the center can ask additional questions per participant, such as what is your level? Your weight, age, but also relevant additional information.

Online payments made possible by Viking
Payment (optional)

The customer is optionally forwarded to a payment page (mollie, stripe, paypal) where he makes a (partial) payment before entering the customer portal.

Viking Booking engine success!
The booking has now been made

The customer has booked, paid and chosen a date. He now receives his login details by email and ends up in his customer dashboard where he can (re)plan, read theory, see the lesson status and more.

Let your website stand out with powerful booking forms

Your website and Viking are a powerful combination. Together they seamlessly integrate reservation buttons with pop-up booking forms. This allows your customers to stay on your website and make direct bookings for all your lessons, rentals, and camps.

  • Seamlessly integrated into your website and tailored to your style.
  • A great experience on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Intuitive for your customer and conversion optimized
Powerful booking system
Viking booking engine example photo

Even better on-site reservations

Managing phone and on site reservations becomes significantly easier, because of the clear planning-views that show your schedule and availability in a glance.

  • Empower walk-in customers with a self-service booking form
  • Take walk-in bookings from behind your desk with ease
  • Every booking is always made to your live availability
Boost online inquiries

Meet your customers' needs with live availability and comprehensive offerings.

Take bookings 24/7

Did you know that more than half of all bookings come after opening hours?

Conversion optimized

VIKING increases the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.

Don't forget
the details

Multi language

Full system support for English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and French. This includes the booking forms, e-mail templates and the admin backend.  

Multi currency

Support for Euro, US Dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Danish Krone, New Zealand dollar, Polish Zloty, Pound sterling, South African rand, Swedish krona, Swiss frank, Brazilian real.

Group discounts

Viking offers the flexibility to set group discounts. As more people book together, the prices become progressively more affordable, providing an incentive for group bookings.

Multi lesson discounts

Offering multi-lesson booking discounts can significantly increase your revenue by encouraging customers to book more lessons at once.

Your colors and style

Customize the booking form to your liking by adding colors and selecting desired fields such as weight, age, phone number, last name, custom fields, terms & conditions and much more

Fully responsive

The booking engine is fully responsive and works seamlessly on any device with internet access, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Secure SSL connection

Viking operates through a secure SSL connection, ensuring that all sensitive data is protected and secure.

Conversion tracking

Monitor the performance of your ads in platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. This tracking enables you to gather insights on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Discount codes

Viking enables the use of discount codes in the booking form, allowing for personalized or general codes to drive bookings and support marketing efforts.

Custom sidebar

The booking form's sidebar allows you to include custom text, highlight center USPs, and address FAQs, maximizing conversion rates by addressing concerns directly in the booking process.

Customer accounts

New customers automatically receive their login credentials upon their first booking for easy access to the customer portal with current en future bookings.

Connect Wix, Wordpress, Shopify and much more to Viking Bookings

Easily connect your website

Examples of platforms we connect to:

  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Custom website

Learn more:

What our users say
about Viking Bookings

We are impressed!

"Viking saves so much time and effort for us! We’ve only been using the management software a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school."

Dave Melmoth - Joss bay surf school

Great personal service!!

“With Viking, we offer a highly personal level of service, with minimal effort from our side”

Roel Avenhuis -

What a gamechanger

“Viking Bookings creates less stress and less e-mail traffic. Since switching to the software, we receive more bookings while spending less time organising.”

Emieck de Goede - Jibe City

Why didn’t we start sooner?

“Using VIKING Bookings still makes our jobs easier every day. In the beginning we were hesitant to make the switch. The guys from VIKING helped us every step of the way, and we love the platform. A great system that helps you save a lot of time in your kite school!”

Sjors van Leeuwen - Pepsports

Our customers love it!

"We never miss out with communication anymore! And we are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated"

Jeannette Melchior Hansen - North Sea Watersports

Not time consuming at all

"Changing the structure of the day is not time-consuming at all. As a result, we have time to focus on other things during the season because the planning is done by the system."

Lyndsey Young - Escape surf school

Clear communication for all

"Viking Bookings offers a clear overview and a clear communication between us the instructors and the students. We can’t imagine anymore what our school would look like without Viking Bookings."

Rob Verdaas - Natural High

Best possible service for guests

"It is easy for guests to make bookings on the website without complications. We’ve had only positive reactions."

Matthijs Kalsbeek - Hartbeach

My customers love it

"My customers say that booking online like this is an advantage for them also. Because they just open their phone and see our availability. And for me it’s perfect for short-term bookings where I cannot be reached anymore, people are still able to book."

Simon Hiemer - Avid Kiteboarding

Solved many challenges

"Great system and great service. Solved many of our business and operation challenges, it continues to improve regularly too. Highly recommend"

Chris Burke- Poseidon Watersports

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Frequently asked questions

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Does Viking work in multiple currencies?

Does Viking Bookings work in multiple languages?

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How does the Booking Engine integrate with my website?

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