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Customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated.

Throughout the entire customer journey, from planning lessons to changing times to payment reminders, Viking ensures that all the right information is clearly communicated to your customers.

  • Communicate through booking forms, the customer portal, e-mail and text
  • Dynamic fields ensure a personalized experience for your customers.
  • Save a lot of time - set it up once, benefit entire seasons
Viking bookings email functionallity
Different ways to communicate

Ways to communicate

With multiple communication channels at your disposal, such as booking forms, the customer portal, email, and text, you can ensure that all the necessary information is conveniently available to your customers when they need it. This streamlined approach results in better-informed and happier customers. As a school owner, you'll also benefit from reduced customer support.

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Customer contact info

Because we know you cannot automate everything, we have put the customer’s contact details in all the right places. In the day planner, a phone number or email address are just one click away. In case you still decide to reschedule a lesson over the phone.

customer contact details in Viking

All the relevant information to your center and for your customer is centralized in Viking.

Save time

By automating what can be automated, you can spend your time on things that really matter.

Happier customers

Better informed customers lead to happier customers. A win-win if you ask us ;-)

Viking Bookings sms function

SMS messaging

E-mail is fast, but your customers sometimes want to take a break from their inbox. This is why you can enable SMS messages to both students and instructors, when you approve or cancel a course.

  • Dynamic fields are available in SMS as well
  • No incentive to reply (so better than WhatsApp)
  • Worldwide phone number support

Highlighted features

Planner messages

Viking offers automated emails, but to ensure a personal touch, we have included the option for planners to leave a personalized message in the standard emails directly from the daily overview.

Notify instructors

In Viking, you have the ability to notify instructors per mail and/or text when lessons are approved or cancelled, simplifying communication and coordination with ease.

Customer messages

In Viking, instructors and planners can send messages to students, facilitating collaborative action and efficient communication among instructors and planners involved with that student.


Viking's communication feature supports multiple languages. Customers receive all communication in their selected language, while the school can operate in their preferred language.

Your branding

In Viking, customize email templates with your logo, color choices, headings, photos, and more to create personalized and branded emails for your customers.

Booking reminder

Set booking reminder emails for customers who haven't selected a date. The automated process boosts revenue by sending an email the next day, offering assistance and enhancing customer engagement.

Expiration reminder

In Viking, set an expiration reminder email to notify customers with remaining credits that they have two months left to make bookings.

Payment reminder

In Viking, you can automate payment reminder emails to be sent X days before the first course starts, gently reminding customers who have not yet paid to complete their payment.

Updated when needed

Automated communication in Viking keeps your customers updated when necessary, saving time and maximizing revenue potential.

What our users say
about Viking Bookings

We are impressed!

"Viking saves so much time and effort for us! We’ve only been using the management software a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school."

Dave Melmoth - Joss bay surf school

Great personal service!!

“With Viking, we offer a highly personal level of service, with minimal effort from our side”

Roel Avenhuis -

What a gamechanger

“Viking Bookings creates less stress and less e-mail traffic. Since switching to the software, we receive more bookings while spending less time organising.”

Emieck de Goede - Jibe City

Why didn’t we start sooner?

“Using VIKING Bookings still makes our jobs easier every day. In the beginning we were hesitant to make the switch. The guys from VIKING helped us every step of the way, and we love the platform. A great system that helps you save a lot of time in your kite school!”

Sjors van Leeuwen - Pepsports

Our customers love it!

"We never miss out with communication anymore! And we are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated"

Jeannette Melchior Hansen - North Sea Watersports

Not time consuming at all

"Changing the structure of the day is not time-consuming at all. As a result, we have time to focus on other things during the season because the planning is done by the system."

Lyndsey Young - Escape surf school

Clear communication for all

"Viking Bookings offers a clear overview and a clear communication between us the instructors and the students. We can’t imagine anymore what our school would look like without Viking Bookings."

Rob Verdaas - Natural High

Best possible service for guests

"It is easy for guests to make bookings on the website without complications. We’ve had only positive reactions."

Matthijs Kalsbeek - Hartbeach

My customers love it

"My customers say that booking online like this is an advantage for them also. Because they just open their phone and see our availability. And for me it’s perfect for short-term bookings where I cannot be reached anymore, people are still able to book."

Simon Hiemer - Avid Kiteboarding

Solved many challenges

"Great system and great service. Solved many of our business and operation challenges, it continues to improve regularly too. Highly recommend"

Chris Burke- Poseidon Watersports

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