Introducing Our New and Improved Website!

After five dedicated years with our previous website and witnessing our software undergo a significant evolution, the time was ripe for a substantial upgrade. We didn't just whip up a new site overnight. Instead, we took a deep dive into the full capabilities of our software. From that understanding, we meticulously crafted a site that encompasses our full range of offerings at its core. During its construction, we emphasized international speed and robust security — both of which are paramount for us and our valued clients. We trust that our visitors will now find greater clarity on all that Viking offers, and we believe that this refreshed website genuinely reflects who we are today. 🌐💻

But that's not all! Alongside our new website, we're thrilled to unveil our reimagined branding. You might wonder: why the shift from orange to blue? It's not merely a nod to typical software company aesthetics. As watersport enthusiasts selling software to watersport schools, blue aligns more closely with our identity and that of our customers. For us, blue is more than just a color; it symbolizes our deep connection to the world of watersports, emanates calm and trust, and elevates your browsing experience. It's our bond with the waters, and now, our link with you! 🌊💙😎

We invite you to navigate our new site, explore Viking's capabilities, and experience our renewed brand. We're excited about this next chapter and are glad to share it with you!

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