Unveiling Milestones: A leap forward in tracking student progress


In our continuous effort to enhance the user experience on Viking Bookings, we've introduced a groundbreaking feature called "Milestones". This feature is designed to help track a student's progress through levels tailored for various sports. Let's delve into how Milestones revolutionizes the way students and instructors interact and track progress on our platform.

Unpacking Milestones

The Viking 6.0 update has ushered in the 'Milestones' functionality, replacing the former experience tracking (XP) and adding a plethora of new features. Now, students have a 'My Progress' section in their customer dashboard, where each completed lesson unlocks the next level. Every level comes with a dedicated info/theory page, encouraging students to prepare for upcoming lessons. Moreover, the pre-designed lesson plans for sports like kitesurfing, surfing, and winging ensure a structured learning pathway.

Easy Setup

Setting up Milestones is a breeze. With high-quality content already created for most sports, all that's needed is linking the right plans to the right products. Whether you offer private or group lessons, the system ensures the correct level is shown based on a student's progress.

Engagement Through Progression

As students complete lessons, they move up the levels, unlocking new theory pages. An email template, "new milestones theory available", is sent out two hours post-completion if a new theory page is available, nudging students to prepare for or book their next lesson. This not only keeps students engaged but also well-prepared for upcoming lessons.

Sport-Specific Milestones

We are progressively rolling out Milestones for different sports. If your sport isn't listed yet, stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can contact your account manager to create a track for another sport/activity.


Milestones is a testament to Viking Bookings' commitment to enhancing the learning experience for both students and instructors. It's not just a feature; it's a step towards a more engaged, organized, and rewarding learning journey. Explore Milestones on our Customer Portal and experience a new era of progress tracking.

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