The Kitesurf Centre, UK

The Kitesurf Centre is the biggest school in the UK with over 3000 students every year. They teach kiteboarding, kitebuggying, landboarding and paddle boarding. They are located in Camber where they can teach in all wind directions but are very tide dependent.

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Camber, UK

Looking for a perfect fit after using different types of other software

We were using software before VIKING, that was not made for Kitesurf schools. So, we started looking on what is on the market. We wanted a system where all the scheduling would be done automatically so that it would make our life a lot easier. We wanted a system where instructors could log in and see what lessons they have and in detail what students they have. VIKING seemed the perfect fit for us.

Setting up VIKING for the kitesurf centre

It is a lot of work for a big centre like us to start with VIKING. But I think that this is with any software you are going to implement. A big advantage in this process is being able to get in touch with the guys from VIKING and the support site helped me a lot. Whenever we had a suggestion to improve the system for our centre, the VIKING team was willing to help. Now that VIKING is running, it makes every day so much easier. I don’t think any other software could have done this for us.

The biggest advantage for us

The biggest advantage of VIKING for us, next to the automated scheduling, is that we know the student’s weight, age, level of riding and everyone is able to leave messages to the instructors and the students. Instructors are able to log in before the lesson to see all of this and they can prepare so much better. They know exactly what equipment to get out and how advanced their student will be.

Instructors leaving messages to students for a track record

Now we are using VIKING, every instructor has to leave a message to the student on what they achieved that day, what the weather was like, what type of kite and board was used, so that we get a detailed report per student. Our students really like this, and the quality of our lessons go up. And it brings students back, because when they go home and read what they’ve done, they feel the need to learn more.

Massive tides changing

We have absolute massive tides changing in our spot, we have lessons starting at all different times and locations depending on the conditions. So, there is an awful lot of planning that needs to go into making schedules. With VIKING this problem is solved, being able to plan according to the tides is very important for us, and the availability schedule works really well!

Start time changer tool – our favourite!

One of our favourite tools in VIKING is the start time changer tool. We have a lot of different activities starting throughout the day. Some last for only 1 hour and other last for 4 hours. With this tool, we can see in 1 glance when and where activities are starting and depending on the weather change the start times with the click of a button. It works really well for us when there are last minute changes due to the weather.

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The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

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  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

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