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In the fast-paced realm of kite surfing, weather adaptability is key. Juggling customer bookings, instructor schedules, and cancellations was a logistical challenge for Australia's Zu Kite Surfing School—until they teamed up with Viking Bookings.

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The Zu Kite Australia

When it comes to the dynamic world of kite surfing, adapting to the whims of the weather is crucial. Add the complexities of customer bookings, scheduling instructors, and keeping up with cancellations—it's a logistical jigsaw puzzle. This was the story of The Zu Kite Surfing School in Australia until they decided to sail with Viking Bookings.

The Challenge

Before Viking Bookings, Carlos from The Zu was juggling Google Calendar for scheduling and Resdy for online bookings. "Things had to be done manually," Carlos recalls, "and it was hard to keep up especially with the unpredictable nature of our sport which relies heavily on weather conditions."

The Switch to Viking

The Zu decided to switch to Viking Bookings for its customizability and ease of use. According to Carlos, Viking offered "a level of flexibility and understanding of the challenges that come with a weather-dependent sport like kite surfing." The platform allowed Carlos to communicate with his customers and instructors seamlessly. But what was even more important was how Viking integrated with their website, making the booking process for clients as smooth as the breeze.

Customer Response

The school’s customers have been highly impressed with their Viking experience. "They particularly love the video feature that educates them before their lessons and the user portal, which makes them feel valued," Carlos says. Positive reviews have frequently mentioned how easy it is to communicate with the school, thanks in part to Viking's integrated communication features.

Advantages Over Webshops

While many centers in Australia opt for Shopify or similar webshops for their bookings, Carlos believes Viking Bookings offers an edge. "The other systems don't understand our unique challenges. With Viking, we can manage our bookings and schedules remotely with ease, offering us flexibility in our lifestyle."

Support & Feedback

Despite being in different time zones, Carlos feels well-supported by the Viking team. "Whenever I have a question or need to set up a new feature, the team is always responsive," he says. Viking even collects customer feedback for future developments, a feature Carlos appreciates for its potential in refining the software further.

Future Prospects

Viking Bookings is set to introduce a shopping cart feature, allowing customers to book multiple sessions in one go. Carlos also hopes to see a feature that tracks weather-based cancellations to improve customer experience.


For Carlos and The Zu Kite Surfing School, Viking Bookings has not just been a software; it’s been a game-changer. "I love the system," Carlos sums it up, "It's helped us streamline our operations, improve customer satisfaction, and let us focus on what we love—kite surfing."

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