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Running a surf school, minus all the running.

Imagine a world in which your surf school runs itself. Gone are the days with endless phone calls to customers and staff to (re)schedule. At Viking Bookings, we know how vital the sunny days are to your business, so we’re here to help you through the rainy ones.

  • Be amazed by the surf school specific features

  • An account is made for instructors, students and admins

  • The world’s leading software for surf school management

Surf school software

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Surf school management software

Dave Melmoth
Joss bay surf school

We are impressed!

‘Viking saves so much time and effort for us! We’ve only been using the management software a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school.

The perfect match for your surf school

  • The only booking software built specifically for surf schools

  • Sell lesson packages, let students schedule all lessons themselves

  • Do you work around the tides? Get to know the only software with a tidal planner

  • Every instructor gets their own account to manage their agenda and prepare for lessons
  • Your student can book 24/7 to real time availability on your website

  • Every student gets their own account after booking

  • Weather dependent management software: Schedule according to tides and / or teaching conditions

Surf school online agenda
Trusted around the globe for over 5 years

‘Changing the structure of the day is not time-consuming at all. As a result, we have time to focus on other things during the season because the planning is done by the system.

‘Less work for us and great customer service: It is easy for guests to make bookings on the website without complications. We’ve had only positive reactions.’

‘Our customers can plan lessons without having to call us. Our colleagues can approve lessons without having to call all customers. And everyone still feels connected to Pepsports!

Surf school reservation software

Tide & wave dependent planning

With VIKING reservation software you can plan your surfing lessons when there are actual waves. Because this system is built by and for surfers, we understand your business. Last call, no waves? No problem. With the click of a button you can reschedule all the surfing lessons to a different time and/or date slot.

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Simplify your bookings, planning and communication

Booking engine
Customer portal
Advanced planning
Surfschool reservation software

Jurriaan van Duijvenboden

Our personal touch is better

“We are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated. We never miss out because of communication anymore.”

Surf school booking system

Surf school booking system

No more constant phone calls or overflowing mailboxes. All you need is a device connected to the internet. That means you can manage your business from home, on the go or even on the water.

Viking online booking system for surf schools is guaranteed to give you back control over your time. It helps you to focus on the things that matter most. Simply add availability and let customers securely book whenever they want. If something changes you simply let everyone reschedule with the push of a button.

A few reasons to use surf school software?

Besides saving time & money, there are lots of other reasons for automation. Here are the ones that helped our own center most:

Smooth sailing Tedious parts of your business will be done automatically. It’s almost as if your business is running on autopilot. Now you can focus on growing your business instead of just running it. That’s what we call smooth sailing, captain.

Easy monitoring We help you to monitor everything about your company. From the hours an instructor has worked to the percentage of sessions that had to be rescheduled due to bad weather. And you can see it all with the push of a button.

Surf school reservation system
  • Sell multiple sessions to your customers upon booking
  • Let your customer schedule the multiple sessions directly from their online account
  • Tide dependent planning
  • Weather dependent planning
  • Waiver signing
  • Every customer gets their own dashboard where they see their progression

Customers book directly from your website. They can book on their phone, Pc, iPad or any other device connected to the internet.

70% of customers prefer to book online. Having VIKING means you give those customers what they want. Online booking is immediate and easy, so it’s a strong incentive for them to make the decision to book. Once you’ve attracted visitors to your site you have a much better chance of turning them into customers with an online booking system like VIKING.

On the contrary! Because all the time-consuming everyday stuff is now taken out of your hands, you will actually have more time for personal contact with clients. The difference is, that now it becomes your choice to do so, and on the hectic busy day’s you can be sure things will run themselves anyway.

Surfschool online agenda

Sjors van Leeuwen

What a timesaver

I am currently living for 8 months of the year in Bali, Indonesia. I am very happy that I don’t have to communicate with customers all the time anymore. Having this lifestyle would not have been possible without VIKING management software.’

The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

  • We setup Viking specifically for your center, so you have a ready to go custom system

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Grow your business with automatic upselling & smart conversion tracking features.

  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

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