Running a kite school, minus all the running
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Kitesurfing school software

VIKING helps you book and plan easily, keep track of business and grow your company quicker. Everything you’re doing now will take a fraction of the time with the VIKING management software. We’ll have you up and flying in no time.

  • The only software build specifically for kiteschools

  • Let your customer book, pay and schedule every kitesurfing lesson online.

  • Instructors easily see their lessons from their own secure login page

  • Weather dependent software: Cancel reservations with the push of a button when the wind conditions aren’t any good and instantly offer alternative dates.

  • VIKING software is completely customisable. Add your prices, packages, logo and colors.

Kitesurfing school software
Kiteschool software

Vincent Alblas

We are thrilled!

‘Why didn’t we start sooner?’ We set out with doubts if the system was capable to work our way, but after two short weeks, we figured out every possibility and are thrilled by every feature.

Simplify your bookings, planning and communication

Booking engine

Customer book, pay, schedule and reschedule from their own account on your website.

Advanced planning

Weather dependent automated planning. With built-in flexibility to easily change it afterwards.


Easily keep all your customers and team in the loop with the click of a button.

The perfect match for your kiteschool

Every kitesurf school nosedives into the same obstacles; wasting time on manual tasks, problems with your planning and a laboring booking process. Use VIKING kitesurfing school software to overcome hurdles and drive growth by automating everything. Run your business without breaking a sweat.

  • Receive bookings 24/7

  • Save a lot of time

  • Boost your revenue

  • Industry specific

  • Trusted around the globe

Kiteschool booking system
Trusted around the globe for over 5 years
Northsea Kiteschool

‘We never miss in communication anymore! And we are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated.

Natural high kitesurfschool

‘Viking Bookings offers a clear overview and a clear communication between us the instructors and the students. We can’t imagine anymore what our school would look like without Viking Bookings.’


‘Answering calls and e-mails at least 8 hours a day used to drive us crazy. Now we reduced this to 2 hours. Because students make their own account, they schedule their lessons themselves.’

Portfolio overview

Kiteschool reservation software

A few years back we used primitive processes to try and run our kite school, but we received 4.000 students a year and planned everything by hand. We needed a reservation system specifically for kite schools that could handle our daily workload and improve our business, and so that’s what we built.

Reservation system

VIKING Bookings is now the main management software for kite schools around the globe. They rely on VIKING to run their reservations – why wouldn’t you?

Kiteschool reservation software

Sjors van Leeuwen

Why didn’t we start sooner?

“Using VIKING Bookings we still get happier every day. In the beginning we were hesitant to try something new. The guys from VIKING freed us from that, and now we love it. A great system that helps you save a lot of time in your kiteschool!”

Kiteschool booking system

Kiteschool booking system

You’re the type of person who likes to sleep once in a while. We get that. But our servers are up and running 24/7 and can process new sales at any moment. So even when you’re getting some hard earned rest you’ll still be selling and creating revenue.

We made it easy to sell bigger packages to customers without extra effort. Automatically sell extra packages according to your guests behaviour wile they are using VIKING.

How kitesurfing school management software changed the face of our center.

A couple of years ago we were running After some great years, we met the limits of what is humanly possible when running a water sports company.

So we decided things needed to change. Enter Beer ‘n Tea, a team of developers who helped us turn problems into solutions. Together we built VIKING, a piece of management software for our own Kite center. It instantly became a lifesaver for us and we believe it can do the same for you.

Excited? So are we! VIKING is going to change the way you work so don’t hesitate and ask for a personal demo right now!

Kiteboardschool Roel

Jeanette Vogn Hansen
Northsea kiteschool

Our customers Love it

All we hear from our customers is good stories because they think we are much more professional now. They feel more engaged to Northsea water sports center because of VIKING, while we did not lose our personal touch.

The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

  • We setup Viking specifically for your center, so you have a ready to go custom system

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Grow your business with automatic upselling & smart conversion tracking features.

  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

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