5 tips to keep your system secure

The Viking security update just came out for all of our customers. This time we focussed on ‘security by design’. Think of

  • Auto logout after X period of time
  • Inactive admin roles will automatically be deactivated after 7 months
  • Exports are limited to today and tomorrow for planner roles
  • 2 Factor authentication for multiple user roles
  • Much more

Most security issues come from human mistakes. A password ‘Welcome1234’ or ‘kiteschool‘ is almost 100% hackable. A pc that has all your customer data and is open on the desk, is quite a risk. In this blog we will give you 5 tips to keep your system secure:

  1. Use the correct user role
User roles in Viking

Give your employees the correct user role. You don’t want them to have too many permissions. A planner should not be able to have system admin acces and download your customer database.

2. Lock your computer when unattended

When you or your employees walk away from the computer, make sure they lock the screen. When they come back and move the mouse, make sure that people can only get acces to the pc with the correct password.

3. Use WiFi in the correct way

WiFi can be very very insecure with your business data. 2 tips:

  • When you travel, always make sure your are using the data bundle instead of public Wi-Fi.
  • My company network is only accessible to me and my employees/colleagues, so customers or suppliers do not use the same network as me or my Staff members.

4. Un-acces former employees

This is a mistake that is often made. Former employees that can still acces your business data. Make sure he does not have acces to the building, company equipment and software accounts.

5. Be aware of online threats and teach your employees

Trade secrets, documents, financial results and customer data may be of interest for hackers. To ensure that hackers do not collect these, we must be aware there are those threats. With online threats you should think of, for example, false invoices, fake phone calls, phishing emails and hostage software. Teach your employees about these threats.

Bonus – a Pdf that you can use in your company

At Viking, we have safety protocols in place. We also have a basic safety Pdf that everybody has to sign. Download it here and finetune it for your own company.

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