Using (digital) waivers

When operating in water sports there is always a risk. As a center owner, you can choose to have your customers sign a waiver (liability form). When they sign, it helps you in an event that one of the participants gets injured.

find an expert to set up your waiver

Waivers are complex and may vary per country. That is why waivers are normally put together by a lawyer. Here we will not discuss what to put in the waiver, but we will show you several options when looking for a lawyer:

  • Find one in your own network
  • Use an online tool to setup your waiver (like Rocketlawyer)
  • Work with Carel Erasmus, the owner of advocatenvanoranje – they have prepared a standard waiver specifically for water sports centers that only needs to be fine-tuned for your company

Having your customers sign the waiver

You can have your customers sign the waiver on paper or have them sign digitally. Within Viking management software it is possible to setup waivers and have your customers sign them.

The advantages of signing digital:

  • It is easy to keep track if all customers signed the waiver
  • In case of a liability, it is easy to find the correct waiver
  • Built trust amongst your customers
  • When the terms change, you can undo all current waivers and have everyone sign again with the click of a button
  • You can automatically set an expiration date per waiver and the system keeps track when customers have to sign again

Setting up a waiver in your Viking account

Go to ‘Settings > Waivers’ and click ‘+ Add waiver’. Choose a title and add the text with styling in the textbox. Now you can add one or multiple checkboxes that customers have to click to accept the waiver. Save everything and voila!

If you only have 1 default waiver, go to ‘Settings .> Booking’ and find the dropdown ‘Default Waiver’. Make sure that your waiver is selected here, this way it will be added to all your products. It is possible to make different waivers for different products, in this case you have to set the waiver in the product settings (Settings > Products > select product).

Need help?

Hopefully this article will help you decide if you want to use a waiver or not. If you are going to introduce a waiver in your company and don’t know where to start we are there to help. Contact your account manager and we will guide you through the steps.

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