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Revenue reports


Viking enables the export of revenue reports, transaction lists, and worked hours of instructors for convenient external use.

Reports per source

Viking lets you view revenue reports by booking form or source, allowing you to see where the revenue came from, including partner websites.

Occupancy rate

Check the occupancy rate for a specific time period and use the data to improve business efficiency by discussing strategies with the planners.


Export your bookings with various filters such as paid, unpaid, partially paid, open lessons, completed bookings, product-based, and much more


By setting a timeframe, Viking lets you track your business revenue and view bookings, payments, and revenue earned during a specific period.

Transactions report

Check cash at end of day

The Viking daily closing feature enables on-location planners to verify if the received amounts match the amounts recorded in Viking.


Viking tracks transactions and notifies planners of outstanding payments, keeping an up-to-date transaction list for bookkeeping.

Instructor hours


You can export the worked hours of all instructors to a CSV (Excel) file in Viking, making it easy to manage and analyze the data.

Overview of hours

Viking provides an overview of worked hours for each instructor, as well as a summary of all instructors' worked hours.

Change hours manually

In Viking, planners can manually adjust the hours taught by an instructor in case a lesson is cut short.

Automated hour tracking

Viking automatically calculates worked hours for instructors based on the number of minutes specified for each product they teach.

Daily stats

Camp participant export

Custom report export for camps includes all camp data and extra booking form questions (e.g. allergies, emergency numbers) for a clear overview.

Lesson schedule

Quickly view today's booking count, lessons given, occupancy rate, and transactions.