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On location planning

Quick search

Quick search existing customers on location

Download schedule excel

The daily schedule can be printed as a CSV file for convenience.


Easily reschudule customers on location

Block availability

Easily block times, products, and/or days from the daily overview if a timeslot or day is full or if other activities are planned.

Add customers

Viking streamlines on-location sales by offering options for planners to add bookings or customers to use QR codes to book with their own device.


Planners can add notes to daily schedules, providing centralized information for the owner and other planners to access.

Sign waivers

Check unsigned waivers and view signed ones with one click, ensuring all customers have signed before going on the water.


One can easily view the products being taught by each instructor, as well as the students assigned to those products.


View open payments easily to ensure everyone has paid before going on the water. Additionally, view payment history and details with just one click.


The daily overview allows you to easily view each student's level, enabling to prepare the appropriate lesson materials for the instructors.


Read messages from students, instructors, and planners per student to keep all staff members up-to-date on their progress.


Filter the daily overview by time, product, or location for quick and easy planning.

Attendance toggles

Attendance toggles allow the system's planners and managers to see live attendance, showing who is present on location and who is not.

General planning

Send notifications

You can send weather or course condition updates to selected students in the daily overview through email and text notifications.

Phone, on location and online

Customers have the flexibility to book online or be added by phone sales or in-person on location, providing them with options to suit their preferences.

Group bookings

Offer group discounts based on size and decide whether each member should fill out personal information or just the head booker.

Cancel courses

Students receive an email notification when courses are canceled, allowing them to reschedule their lesson in their customer portal.

Approve courses

Courses can be approved either automatically or manually, with an automated lesson reminder sent to the student via email and text message in both cases.

Automated planning

The system automatically matches students to instructors based on their set location(s), sport(s), and availability per instructor.

Efficiency when planning

Resend emails

Resend booking-related emails such as password reset, payment request, and booking confirmation with just one click.

Continue planning

Booking for existing customers is made easy as the system retains their details and waiver information.

Duplicate bookings

Duplicate entire bookings instantly with just one click, making upselling and replanning a breeze.

Keep track when planning


View students' language in daily overviews to assign them with the appropriate instructor.


Read messages from students, instructors, and planners per student to keep all staff members up-to-date on their progress.


Ask for the student's age when booking to group them more efficiently based on age and fine-tune your daily planning.


Collecting the weight of students during the booking process helps to group them more efficiently based on their weight, resulting in a more fine-tuned daily planning.


Efficiently make perfect groups with Viking's easy customer detail tracking for optimal planning.

Student level

The system automatically updates the student's level after every lesson, while also providing the option for manual level adjustments.


Prevent overbookings

Viking monitors the availability of slots, instructors, or inventory to prevent overbooking.

Check availability

Get a quick overview of your availability and scheduled lessons with just a glance, so you never overbook or miss an opportunity to fill open slots.

Manage availability

Effortlessly customize the availability of your instructors and equipment to meet your scheduling needs.

Daily overview

Add walk-in customers to open slots in the daily overview by easily viewing availability.

Tide scheduler

Choose what product is tide dependent

Not all products require tides scheduling. In product settings, specify which products should use the tide scheduler.

Tides per product

Scheduler allows setting tides collectively or per product. Beginner classes at low tides; advanced have flexible scheduling.

General availability

Set general availability per product: beginners on weekends, advanced on Mon/Wed, private daily. Then set specific tidal schedules per product.

Start time changer

Start time changer

Efficiently manage crowds with spaced group scheduling, sending automatic starttime updates to customers. Make busy centers feel less chaotic.

Weather based scheduling


You can send weather or course condition updates to selected students in the daily overview through email and text notifications.

Release courses ('give back strips')

Canceled courses trigger an email to students with instructions to reschedule in the customer portal, ensuring they can reclaim the missed lesson.

Change day

Viking's flexible planner allows for rescheduling of lessons due to weather changes, while keeping customers informed via text and email.

Change time

Viking is flexible with weather changes, enabling courses to start earlier or later while updating customers via text and email.