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Combined products

Create product bundles, such as a rental with a lesson or a mountain bike lesson with a surf lesson.

Rental prebooked

Input pre-booked rentals based on the availability of each sport, product or inventory.

Rental on location*

Set the water start time and mark the return to auto-calculate rental amount with our rental-on-location feature. *Add on feature

Automated repetition

Book the first day of a consecutive multi-day course, and the system will automatically schedule the remaining days per day or week.


You can input all your camps and trips, each with their own automated notifications that can be configured using email templates.

Multiple day

Students can buy and schedule multi-day courses at their convenience, based on the availability set in the system.

Single day

You can make bookings for single-day activities such as one-time sports events.

Corporate identity


Include your general conditions and privacy policy for all online bookings.


Integrate your products and availability seamlessly from your website to the booking form with our system.


Add photos of your center to the Viking system to excite customers and get them ready for their lessons.


Brand your Viking system by adding your corporate colors for a consistent customer experience.


Brand your Viking system by adding your corporate logo for a consistent customer experience.


Track partial payments and refunds

Viking enables tracking of partial payments and refunds, and you can easily check if customers have any outstanding balances at the start of the course.


With Viking, you can request a deposit upon booking and allow customers to pay the remaining amount online or on-site.

Payment settings

Viking offers three payment options: payment required upon booking, deposit upon booking, or pay cash or card on location.

Accept on-location payment

You can still accept cash or card payments on-site, including for online bookings with the appropriate settings.

Accept online payments

Viking integrates with multiple payment service providers for accepting online payments and quickly transferring funds to your bank account.

Language timezone

Set currency

Set your default currency to match your country with Viking, accounting for different currencies across countries.

Set timezone

Set your preferred timezone with Viking to match your country.

Language per user

Set individual user languages with Viking for personalized viewing while keeping the center's language consistent.

Set general language

Customize Viking to work in your preferred language by setting the default language, which will apply to all users of the system.

Booking forms

Mobile optimised

The Booking Form is optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience for customers booking through their smartphones or tablets.

Wordpress plugin

Viking provides a specialized WordPress plugin that allows effortless integration of their booking system with your WordPress website.

Easily embed

Integrate Viking with your website effortlessly via a 'widget code' for any platform like Shopify, Wix, and all others. No idea? Our support team is ready to assist.


Easily add your center's unique selling points and frequently asked questions to the sidebar section of each booking form with Viking.

Multi language

Create booking forms in different languages with Viking to allow customers to book in their preferred language.

Dedicated booking forms

Optimize the booking flow and ensure proper credential collection by creating dedicated booking forms per product with Viking.


Tracking of campaigns

Track campaigns on various platforms, including Facebook, Adwords, and Instagram, with the Event tracking feature in booking forms on your website.

Discount codes

Create discounts effortlessly. Generate personalized codes, batch codes for special deals, or codes specifically for Groupon or other sites.

Gift vouchers

Boost revenue with ease by adding the gift voucher module to your website, enabling customers to purchase PDF gift vouchers directly from your site. No technical knowledge?

Auto upsell

After completing a lesson package, automated emails can be sent to offer other lessons or equipment for an easy and efficient revenue boost.

Find & mail

Viking enables you to search for students with available lessons and notify them by email when the weather is suitable, allowing you to fill open slots promptly.

Newsletter opt in

Give your customers the option to opt-in for your newsletter when booking online with Viking.

Track per bookingform

Add forms to partner websites to track revenue generated. Create multiple booking forms and track them individually for powerful marketing insights.


gCal / iCal

Planners and instructors can sync all Viking lessons with their personal agenda using iCal/GCal integration in their dashboard.

Other websites

Integrate Viking with your website quickly using a simple widget code. Our team can assist you if you don't have technical knowledge.

Wordpress plugin

We've built a plugin for WordPress users to seamlessly integrate their website with Viking's booking forms.

Messagebird SMS

You can easily connect with Messagebird using the API key provided, allowing you to send text messages directly from Viking.


Integrate Mailchimp with Viking to allow your students to easily opt-in for your newsletter.

Payment platforms

We connect to several service payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Mollie and much more.

Facebook tracking

Track your Facebook campaigns efficiently with Viking's cross-domain tag manager integration.

Adwords tracking

Track your AdWords campaigns efficiently with Viking's cross-domain tag manager integration.

Discount coupons

Sell PDF gift vouchers

Boost revenue with ease by adding the gift voucher module to your website, enabling customers to purchase PDF gift vouchers directly from your site.

Special personal codes

Create personalized vouchers for specific customers. Perfect for 1-on-1 offers or if a lesson is cut short.

Groupon & personal flyers

Upload (or download) Groupon and other sales codes, and download unique codes te create personal flyers.

Generic codes

Offers codes that can be customized based on the product, validity, target audience (new or existing customers), and the type of discount (percentage or fixed amount).


QR code waivers

Customers who arrive at your location without having signed the waiver can use their own device to sign by scanning a QR code from your computer.

Validity per waiver

Set waiver validity; if expired, the customer must sign again at the start of their lesson.

Multi language

Multilingual waivers for customers in their preferred language.

Waiver per product

Create specific waivers that applies to selected products.

General waiver

Create a universal waiver that applies to all selected products.


Student level tracking

The system monitors the student's level and unlocks new theory pages as the student advances through the lessons.

Build your own milestones

Our user-friendly block builder allows you to construct milestones and theory pages for all the sports you provide.

High quality content

The pre-filled templates are enhanced with animations, photographs, and, in some cases, professionally produced videos.

Pre filled

Each sport comes with three to six pre-filled theory pages. These are available for kitesurfing, winging, surfing, SUP and windsurf.

Change pre-filled templates

Change the templates to your liking to make them match your center

Milestones per sport

Each sport is assigned its own milestone track. The system monitors the student's level and unlocks new theory pages as the student advances through the lessons.

User types


With the exception of data exports and payment settings, the school manager has access to all features in the system.

System manager

The system manager holds all rights, including exports and payment settings, hence this user role requires 2FA for security purposes.

Head instructor

The main purpose of the head instructor role is to update the daily operation when customers arrive. They have the ability to view up to 10 days of planning ahead.


The planner has full control over the student and instructor planning within the system but does not have access to crucial company data such as reports.


Sets their own availability in the system and gets booked accordingly. Receives a notification for every booking.


The student Plans, books and pays directly and securely through your own website. The student plans their own lesson according to instructor availability.



Incorporate the option to add multiple locations to the system.