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Get course updates

Automated messages can inform instructors of upcoming course cancellations or confirmations.

iCal / gCal integration

Instructors can sync their Viking lessons with their personal agenda using iCal/GCal integration in their dashboard.

Change student level

Auto-level upgrades are the default, but instructors can manually adjust levels based on student progress.

Set instructor location

There is an option to specify the locations that each instructor is able to teach.

Write lesson comments

Instructors can leave comments about their students, creating a course history that's visible to other instructors.

Set instructor priority

Priority levels can be assigned to instructors so that the system can prioritize higher-level instructors first.

Set instructor sports

There is an option to specify the sports that each instructor is qualified to teach.

Personal login

Viking allows centers to create instructor accounts for managing their availability, lesson history, and syncing online agendas.


On location sales

Viking streamlines on-location sales by offering options for planners to add bookings or customers to use QR codes to book with their own device.

iCal / gCal integration

Planners can sync all Viking lessons with their personal agenda using iCal/GCal integration in their dashboard.

Prevent overbookings

Viking's availability settings prevent overbooking by setting automated lesson planning boundaries, but planners can override them if needed.

Phone sales

Planners can add phone sales to Viking's system and utilize its convenient planning features.

Much better planning

Viking enables planning based on age, weight, level, language, product, and messages to the student, allowing for the creation of optimal groups per instructor.


Planners can add notes to daily schedules, providing centralized information for the owner and other planners to access.

Drag & drop

Managing your student groups was never faster. Or easier. Or clearer. Drag & drop students and instructors easily.

Write and read comments

Planners can view comments from instructors or other planners regarding the customer and decide whether to place them in alternative (level) classes.

Find & mail

Viking enables you to search for students with available lessons and notify them by email when the weather is suitable, allowing you to fill open slots promptly.

Weather based scheduling

Viking is highly adaptable to weather conditions, allowing courses to be rescheduled or canceled and offering alternatives to students.

Personal login

Planners have separate logins in Viking and limited access to planning functionalities for better permission control.


Scale your business

Automating standard tasks frees up resources for scaling the organization, including selling bigger packages that are taking less planning time.

Manage on the go

An internet-connected device enables remote management of a business and access to information such as the current roster and recent transactions.

Better decisions

Viking's improved organization facilitates better decision-making with fewer loose ends and clearer boundaries.

Improved organisation

Viking's predefined planning boundaries lead to improved organization and greater clarity for customers and staff.


Make informed decisions based on data with detailed reports on sales, worked hours, transactions, occupancy rates, and other metrics.


Custom branding

Your center's branding is reflected in the customer portal, with customized colors, logos, photos and products displayed to match your corporate style.

Find & mail

Viking enables you to search for students with available lessons and notify them by email when the weather is suitable, allowing you to fill open slots promptly.

Gift vouchers

Boost revenue with ease by adding the gift voucher module to your website, enabling customers to purchase PDF gift vouchers directly from your site.

Track per bookingform

Add forms to partner websites to track revenue generated. Create multiple booking forms and track them individually for powerful marketing insights.

Tracking settings

Track campaigns on various platforms, including Facebook, Adwords, and Instagram, with the Event tracking feature in booking forms on your website.

Upsell emails

After completing a lesson package, automated emails can be sent to offer other lessons or equipment for an easy and efficient revenue boost.

Discount codes

Create discounts effortlessly. Generate personalized codes, batch codes for special deals, or codes specifically for Groupon or other sites.


Instructor hours export

Export instructor worked hours per period to easily manage and pay their wages.

Central customer database

Centralize all customer activity, including bookings, payments, scheduled lessons, and booking history, for easy access and management.

Booking export

Export your bookings with various filters such as paid, unpaid, partially paid, open lessons, completed bookings, product-based, and much more

Transactions export

Viking tracks transactions and notifies planners of outstanding payments, keeping an up-to-date transaction list for bookkeeping.